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Adults Only

About GiBcraft Adult Minecraft Server

We are a casual, adults only (18+) Minecraft server.

Plugins We Utilize

We are a semi-vanilla Minecraft server. Any plugins we use are intended to enhance your Minecraft experience and minimize the effects of griefing.

  • Residence – allows player creation of protected areas
  • Chestshop – player run shops to buy/sell with other players
  • Lockette – allows players to protect chests and create private doors
  • Essentials – additional chat, economy and teleportation features

Server Rules

Breaking the following rules can result in an immediate ban:

- Griefing. If someone placed a block, you don’t break it. This includes homes, farms, statues or any other structure another player has built. The same applies in The End and The Nether. Just because you can kill there doesn’t mean you’re allowed to grief.

- Spamming/Advertising. Shut up.

- Cheating/Hacks. If you are using any sort of mod that allows you an unfair advantage be it PvP or PvE, it is forbidden.

- Harassment. I let a lot of things slide in chat, and I don’t censor, but be respectful. You don’t have the right to say whatever you want on this server. Anything over the top will likely be met with the ban hammer. Chill out and have fun.


PvP is enabled in designated areas of the overworld, such as The Challenge CTF arena, Rangerdan’s PVP arena, and a number of minigames that can be started at /warp bar

Do not exploit any loopholes to kill players in the overworld or you will be banned.

PvP is also enabled in The Nether and The End.

Note: Donators have the choice to turn their pvp off with /pvpoff and back on with /pvpon

Killing someone in their home is fine, when in an applicable PvP area. I feel this is fair because I have provided several ways to protect yourself with locked doors and an entire protected region. However, if you break a block to get into someone’s home or structure to kill them, that is griefing and may result in a ban or punishment.

General courtesy

Any area that has been noticeably cleared, or marked (torches, fences, etc.) is considered claimed by another individual. Please respect these boundaries and do not build near or through these areas.

If you want to create a town or city in either region that’s fine. If you want to build close or in a town or city, please respect the owner and let them know.

An updated list of the rules can always be found here.


Economy For those that enjoy more than just mining and building, we provide a cash-based economy, free plots for player-run shops, and a server shop with prices that fluctuate each hour will keep your profits high and your boredom down.

Grief Protection

Grief Protection Between player-managed build protection via the Residence plugin, simple chest and door locking with Lockette, and the ability for our staff to roll any griefing back live and without fuss, your time investment with us is as well-protected as you could ask for.

Unique Items

Unique Items Killing baddies is always fun. Killing baddies with unique and powerful custom equipment just makes it that much more satisfying. Our custom gear can be bought with in-game currency or found while killing any of the monsters in the game. Get your hands on weapons like the Dreadlord Scythe, or armor like the Magma Cube’s Cap.



Voice Chat

GameVox Channel Link

Further installation instructions and rules can be found here.

Our community has been going strong for over 3 years, and we’re too stupid to stop now! Build long-lasting relationships with shady people from all over the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Join us on our GameVox voice chat server, our forums, or our cross-linked server chat for some mind altering social interaction.