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  1. Chanda
    Status...alert, awake, insomniac....
  2. Chanda
    Ummm...what to say? I'm 30 years old- yes 30- and still like to play MC from time to time. Looking forward to playing on this server.
  3. Gameplay_Gracie
    Hello I have just applied and I hope to get along with everyone here.
  4. Leiath
    figured it..wont load with forge
  5. Leiath
    My client wont open 1.12 profile..i have deleted it and restarted but it wont open :( Says it cant download some file.
  6. SpiffiestJester
    My heart goes out to our UK players dealing with this horrible and cowardly attack on your innocent.
  7. aSparklyPotato
    Ready meal on a tuesday night, watching tv....
  8. wes
    Life is good, I now have a Shulker Box on Pure, Yay!
  9. Crazydad543
    I'm eating tacos
  10. frotographer
    In need of a buttload of Packed Ice, there's a chest over at /res tp chems If you have any spare come sell it to me :)
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    2. Crazydad543
      A butt load of packed ice? I can only imagine the frostbite that would give ya, butt maybe you had spicy tacos yesterday
      Apr 23, 2017
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  11. bigharry25
    bigharry25 Immaridel
    I am trying to add to the res tp pubiron that is on regular gib. The guy who created it I do not think has been on in a long time. can you change the permissions on the res so i can edit it? thnaks
  12. wes
    I don't usually hate Mondays, but today's an exception. I feel like bitch slapping some people into the middle of next week. Karma's coming.
  13. Leiath
    Hello People of GibCraft
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    2. wes
      We miss you, come back to us!
      Mar 22, 2017
    3. Leia27
      Leiath! My twin! How are you?
      Mar 23, 2017
  14. Crazydad543
    The triple F threat is at its best!
  15. _ZUSE12_
    _ZUSE12_ _WOOKIE_
    its been so long I miss seeing you around come back to us
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  16. riish
    riish Immaridel
    Hello, I have an issue with wither skellys not spawning in sky block nether. I set up a mob farm right under the second nether tower and all that falls down is reg skellies. Do you know why? Thank you
  17. frotographer
    In need of more Gunpowder at /res tp chems Come hook a fro up!
  18. Craftgeek1990
  19. SpiffiestJester
    Sick as hell atm, if it does not include lying down, i am not doing it. back in a few days
  20. Crazydad543
    Building my shop, The Woody