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    Skyblock Challenges Reset?

    Thanks Spiff :)
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    Skyblock Challenges Reset?

    I just loaded a new skyblock island and I want to try a harder one. It still shows that I have completed the same challenges as before. Is there a way to reset that as well so I can get the first time rewards when I do them for the first time? Bren
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    My diamonds are missing

    Thanks, Nich for taking care of this for me.
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    My diamonds are missing

    Nich took care of it. Thanks :)
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    My diamonds are missing

    I knew it was wes!!!! -4499 -3527 60 Thanks Joy
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    My diamonds are missing

    There is nothing in my diamond chest at all. Could someone check it out please?
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    Hello from the Fallout 76 wastelands Peeps!

    Hey Wes, I bought it about a week after it came out but I'm soooo confused. I'm glad you are enjoying it :)
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    Where is Wes? (Journeying the Fallout wastelands)

    I love no mans sky. I did end up buying fallout 76 but it is not fun to me. It's grinding and tedious and I have no idea how to destroy buildings in the first camp I made. I dunno, I just don't care for it. That being said Fallout 4 is one of my favorite games ever. I keep starting it over...
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    Curious happening

    This happened to me as well. All of my villagers were gone. There is a chunk glitch or something where they can just disappear.
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    Any suggestions why this happens?

    This is only at my base. I can see chests at stores and other places. This is my chest room. Those signs are on my chests: (I don't know how to link this. it gave me an error)
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    Please be careful

    I went to the public farm today and the gate was open for the green sheep. I had to herd a bunch of them back in there. Please be careful at the farm.
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    Brenduhfingers recipe (lol butterfingers)

    LoL, fixed it. Thanks
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    Brenduhfingers recipe (lol butterfingers)

    A use for that nasty nasty candy corn. I hate candy corn but I love this stuff! A copycat recipe of a Butterfingers Candy Bar made with candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate. Ingredients 1 22oz bag (3 cups) candy corn 1 heaping cup peanut butter, smooth small bag chocolate chips...
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    Thanks Tij!

    I just want to put a thank you out there to Tij for helping me with my villager breeding farm. He took a very long time and even did most of the building work himself when he could have easily just given me a couple tips and went on with what he was doing. Tij, they are multiplying like...
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    can i change my forum username ?

    If you want to change your username in the game, for what people see in the chat you type /gnick and change it. You still log in with the same name, and when they press tab your original name shows up as you logged in with, but when you type it shows the new nick. Hope this helps. Bren