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  • Hi Imma
    Just wanted to say what a great job you and your minions do to keeping these various worlds running so smooth, can i apologise for not always replying
    in chat this is because i am dyslexic and not a very good typist so slow but getting better slowly, one question how do you make money on the new world ?
    I am trying to add to the res tp pubiron that is on regular gib. The guy who created it I do not think has been on in a long time. can you change the permissions on the res so i can edit it? thnaks
    Hello, I have an issue with wither skellys not spawning in sky block nether. I set up a mob farm right under the second nether tower and all that falls down is reg skellies. Do you know why? Thank you
    Hey Imma! :)
    We, me and my friend chresaschti would like to build a nice shop in the store plot 22 in Atlantis. Would that be possible?
    why did ban me from the server? I literally just joined this server about 2 days ago...
    Sorry about that. You're all good now. I have slapped my hand for insubordination.
    Joined yesterday and made a donation last night - but Buycraft does not seem to be functioning right. I got the donation email but not the perms. Later on we need to talk as I went to West Texas State (long time ago) and also lived in Amarillo - now living in WA state on the Columbia River.
    Hey Imma, I was hoping you'd let me have the store plot 'store14'? If this isn't the right place to message you let me know. :)
    Hey dude, when you get a change can you make my name alternate with red and grey? Thanks man!
    Hi Imma, I was wondering if Atlantis Plot #2 is available? if so, would it be ok if I could have access for building a mall.
    Hi there. Sorry to post here, but I couldn't find a "server status" link on It's about 8:45pm Eastern time (US) and I'm getting a message "Failed to login: the authentication servers are currently down for maintenance." is that gibcraft servers? Mojan/Minecraft servers? something else? And while I'm at it... should we report a "server down", or is it always monitored? Thanks!
    Hey Imma, I also cant find the option to pm people. so just like Exist I would like a plot. my interest goes to store 19. thanks in advance
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