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    Forum upgrade

    It changed stuff, a lot. We will be working on cleaning up some of the uglier results of the change over time.
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    Thank you :)

    West is the outlaw biker of the server. Regardless, welcome, glad you had a good reception.
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    Forums will be down tomorrow

    The forums will be unavailable for a limited time tomorrow. I will be performing an upgrade.
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    Mushroom Island

    If there are no visible markings, no residences, nothing that you can determine that someone has moved into the area, it's safe to assume you can claim it as your own. 1 torch =! an entire island. If no one has done anything legitimate to the area, either mark it off as yours and do what you...
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    A little warning

    While I'm sorry you lost your stuff, I would like to at least approach the subject. The rogue class was never intended to be able to survive in lava for any extended amount of time. It was a bug and was noticed by an admin (not because of this specific thing but because of something else). When...
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    Please read

    Just a note. Immaridel is taking a step back for a week or two. He will be available for support directly through me. If you contact him directly, it's most likely he will direct you to me. This isn't because he doesn't care, but because he needs a break. I started GiB and made the maps and...
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    Free Box Etiquette at the Bank

    Free box "etiquette" at the bank: It's a box, put stuff in. Take stuff out. Nobody gives a fuck. That's always how it's been. Shouldn't change now.
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    Restart... please dont kill me.

    Just as an FYI a restart isn't really all that taxing as far as administration goes. We can always expand the map though, and Imma has already brought the subject up. Why do we need to restart if we can just expand? That should be the real question. We'll have lag either way due to things that...
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    Welcome to GiBcraft. Please make sure you read over the server rules.
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    Who's up for steak?

    Who's up for steak?
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    Possible down time

    Our host discovered a faulty fan on the server. They may or may not have to bring it down for repair. No eta as of yet.
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    For our Canadian players...I'll just leave this here...

    I want to openly apologize on the behalf of the U.S. that this even had to be a thing.
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    Application to Join

    Welcome to GiBcraft. Please make sure you read over the server rules.
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    I stuck a fork in a potatoE

    I stuck a fork in a potatoE
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    You guys update your status a lot

    You guys update your status a lot