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    What is the Server Address

    I'm glad you posted this. I finally got my new computer and went to log in only to hit a dead end on the main page. My dudes! Update the front page to include the correct addresses! Also, I'm back. :)
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    Where is Wes? (Journeying the Fallout wastelands)

    Or bring the wastelands here. Getting any inspiration for a build from your travels?
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    Shop commands

    After talking it over, I think we will need a bigger shop space. I have taken my shop down from Purple1_S2 and would like to request the plot that was supposed to have been taken down December 6th - Green2_S4. A player named KhuKhu had it rented and didn't do anything with it. Is that one...
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    Shop commands

    Is it possible to share a shop with another player? How do I do this?
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    Curious happening

    I'm not really sure what happened. I've been on most of the night trying to breed more villagers for trading. I stepped away for a bit and when I came back, several of my best villagers are gone. In an odd twist, it was only the ones which I use for book sales in Atlantis. The less desirable...
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    Okay, which of you is this?

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    New Applicant

    Buddy of mine and Bicker's. :)
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    Brenduhfingers recipe (lol butterfingers)

    Only 2 chocolate chips?
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    1.14 looks interesting.

    A... pillager? I'm so out of the loop. Gonna have to hit youtube and catch up now.
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    Share your build plans for 1.13

    I want a dragon flying in the sky. A good friend once built some magnificent dragons on another server. Maybe I'll finally finish a castle too. I have had fun making long, twisting roads on other servers. Connecting impressive builds. Not very practical for a server with teleportation, but...
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Who was it that built a zoo on the old server? With 1.13, that zoo would be huge! There are so many more mobs and variations now. You'd have to have an entire wing just for all of the ocean stuff. My kids and their friends play on my realm. We've built some neat stuff, but their attention span...
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    What's wrong with being a chicken? I'll just keep pecking around here. Hoping. Wishing. Pining away.
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    If you're a shit disturber, does this mean any new server will have random, hidden, lever activated, bubble powered chicken cannons throughout? I made one in a realm the other day after seeing it on Reddit. Those things are brilliant.
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    I'd love to come on and build on a new 1.13 world! I'll admit - I got a bit disenchanted with the monotony of the old server. I'm fickle and easily bored. I miss playing with y'all. You're a fun bunch. I'll keep checking back to see if anything new pops up.
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    A little warning

    I'll get my stuff back. I'm back on 60 hour weeks at work, so I won't be on much. I know it's a game. Its more the fact that this was the norm for months, then without warning it was changed. I had back up tools/armor, but I lost them to a Skelly who took them and disappeared, and then the...