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    My diamonds are missing

    I took them...
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    Hello from the Fallout 76 wastelands Peeps!

    I logged in Friday night around 7:00 ET Pepi, you were logged in, but must have been AFK. I will try again Saturday. Cheers!
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    Hello from the Fallout 76 wastelands Peeps!

    Bren, It took me some getting used to, but I'm there now and have some people I play regularly with online. You just have to toss out 80% of your Fallout experience and lore and start fresh to really just enjoy it for what is, and "Loot & Shoot" with a better than average backstory. There are...
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    Hello from the Fallout 76 wastelands Peeps!

    Its Wes, many of you newer players won't know me, but for you Gibcraft veteran peeps, I just wanted to say hello and tell you all that I'm thinking about you and I do intend to visit again soon to chatter with everyone and see what the map is looking like. If any of you also play Fallout 76...
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    A very Merry Christmas to all of the Gibcraft clan!

    Hello Everybody! However you say it, and wherever you are this Christmas Day 2018, I hope that you are having a Marvelous and Merry Holiday! Wes :)
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    Where is Wes? (Journeying the Fallout wastelands)

    Well Cluck, I find I want to build "minecraft-style" in Fallout 4 and the walls and floorplates and other things are really hard to line up and build with. I haven't seen anything I want to rcreate on Gib yet. I'm trying to think of a fresh darkroom design that isn't totally broken by Mojang's...
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    Where is Wes? (Journeying the Fallout wastelands)

    I saw a message from Spiff and Bren checking to see what I was up to. Feeling guilty for being offline the last month I logged in Sunday morning around 9:15 ET and was all alone on the server. I was afraid maybe there was a new map, but it looks like we may have been offline and I was just lucky...
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    New member

    Well Sean, you will find a surprising number of other Dutchies here. You will also see me mangle your language brutally with my various spellings of my favorite word...Klootzak. Welcome to Gibcraft!
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    Only in Canada

    I'll update to 1.13.1 tonight and see you guys this weekend. Cheers!
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    Only in Canada

    To all my peeps, especially my Northern neighbors, this was funny to me. A very Canadian style of humor (humour for you Spiff). Hope you enjoy it, and if you live in Toronto and already saw this, tough shit, read it again. ;O Wes
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    The new 1.13 world is up

    "and just can't hide it.."
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    Hurricane Florence

    I'll hoist a Dark & Stormy in your honor tonight Pepi and all peeps South of the Virginia Line. Looks like (knock wood), we'll be seeing a lot weaker edge of the storm system up here in Virginia Beach. The rain and tidal surge could still suck, but that's better than a direct hit. Cheers!
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Hi Peeps, and a special hello to you Pepi! I'll be seeing you all soon.
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Wow, this is an interesting thread. I've used the term Giblings, like earthlings...but made of blocks! Anxious to jump in on 1.13. Hope all of you are having fun playing in the test world. Curious to know what everyone like and dislikes in the 1.13 snapshot.
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    add account

    Hi Ex!