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    Only in Canada

    I'll update to 1.13.1 tonight and see you guys this weekend. Cheers!
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    Only in Canada

    To all my peeps, especially my Northern neighbors, this was funny to me. A very Canadian style of humor (humour for you Spiff). Hope you enjoy it, and if you live in Toronto and already saw this, tough shit, read it again. ;O Wes
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    The new 1.13 world is up

    "and just can't hide it.."
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    Hurricane Florence

    I'll hoist a Dark & Stormy in your honor tonight Pepi and all peeps South of the Virginia Line. Looks like (knock wood), we'll be seeing a lot weaker edge of the storm system up here in Virginia Beach. The rain and tidal surge could still suck, but that's better than a direct hit. Cheers!
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Hi Peeps, and a special hello to you Pepi! I'll be seeing you all soon.
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Wow, this is an interesting thread. I've used the term Giblings, like earthlings...but made of blocks! Anxious to jump in on 1.13. Hope all of you are having fun playing in the test world. Curious to know what everyone like and dislikes in the 1.13 snapshot.
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    add account

    Hi Ex!
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    Hello from Tamriel

    My first follower was Lydia. Lydia "Jenkins", the least stealthy follower possible I think, but she's a bruiser, can hang in a fight and swings a mean Battleaxe. I lost her in a dragon fight last week. R.I.P. Lydia!
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    Hello from Tamriel

    A fond Hello to all Gibcraft peeps, Just wanted to say hi. I've been sucked into Skyrim (only 7 years late!) and have been busy grinding and leveling up and I figured since 2014, having never taken a Minecraft break, I would step back for a little while we get ready for 1.13. I'm excited to...
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Do you smell it peeps? Change is in the air and I think it's great. Looking forward to seeing some of you back that have been away. Wes
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    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Well, I'm glad I checked the forum, its great to see the new plan coming together. I'm looking forward to seeing mah peeps back online. Three cheers for Matt! Huzzah! Huzzahhhh! Huzzahhhhhh!! Wes
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    Friday evening Minecraft announcement

    Tonight I got an email from my Microsoft rep that the XBX1 assets for the Aquatic update were now available so I have to think PC is about to go live for 1.13. (Or I’m totally wrong and we’re still a month away, who knows) Wes
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    Bethesda/Fallout Booth and Party Pics

    If you guys love Bethesda, you may like these... Yours truly with the Vault Boy Mascot statue at their Booth during the E3 show Listening to Howard and Hines take turns talking about Fallout 76 at their party Entrance to said party, and an awesome picture of my fucking thumb... If you...
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    Fallout 76 server??

    Bethesda is saying they will be creating 76 instances as "micro-servers" large maps, capped at something like 12-20 players, and they stated during E3 that while they won't launch with it, there will be a mod introduced after launch to allow you to avoid other players to emulate a more...
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    Spider Sand, spider sand

    That's pretty slick Kry...