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    Xisuma 2017 post on Spawners' connection to Mob Cap

    Some would say it's ironic I would post this, I have built some large mob-hogging darkrooms over the years on Gibcraft. I am reformed, really, I swear! I just re-watched this short 4:00 minute video and I thought it worth sharing. If you've known me very long you know I love building...
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    Applying For Admission

    I'm not especially smelly (most of the time) and glad to welcome you to our merry and often demented crew. Cheers!
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    New Prisma stairs!

    Anyone else excited to see these new Prisma stair blocks in 1.13?? Wes
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    Applying For GibCraft

    We just wish we were as cool as Spiff, right? ;P
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    Xisuma covers the new "Phantom" mob's drops & tridents!

    I'm not sure when we would actually be moving to 1.13 once its issued, but there are some interesting new mobs like "The Drowned" and "Phantoms" and a cool new weapon the "trident". Also some new water physics that seem pretty interesting. Here's Xisuma playing with some of the new enchantments...
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    Hopper anti-Lag tutorial from Ilmango

    For the Gib-crafters who use a lot of hoppers, or anyone who is curious how the things they build may impact lag, I highly recommend this video from ilmango. He runs through a bunch of different combinations of Hoppers, Chests etc, to see which impact lag the most. The results may surprise...
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    Applying for membership

    Welcome aboard Y! If you're curious, we've got multiple active members well into their 50's (I'm 54) and two players here (less active here now) in their 70's. I love the age range here, and all finding something in common to enjoy in Minecraft and the company of likeminded folks. If you need...
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    That's just mean Cullor... ha ha
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    Who is this Imma person posting on our forum?? (Missed ya anyhow, hope to chat with you on Discord soon) To our brothers and sisters down-undah, I've been seeing posts like this about the Aussie slow-boat connection for about 2 years now, you have my sincere sympathy. I see you trying like...
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    Imma, come back to us Dammit! We need your brand of dry snarky humor, not that imported Canadian...

    Imma, come back to us Dammit! We need your brand of dry snarky humor, not that imported Canadian stuff from Spiffy!!
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    Sky Build Contest!!

    Dan, Thanks for getting this going, and for your creativity. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Did you just die and drop all your best stuff?

    Can you imagine if this mob had unlimited inventory slots, and killed multiple players before getting his just end. It'd be like hitting the jackpot in Vegas, armor, weapons and tools exploding out of him on death. So awesome.
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    Did you just die and drop all your best stuff?

    Seems like some of these new mobs must have a huge hoard somewhere of all the shit I've dropped when they killed me, because that stuff usually isn't at my death-point when I type /back. ;O
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    "Fools plan while God laughs"

    "Fools plan while God laughs"
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    Immaridel in Urban Dictionary (did you know?)

    Thanks for the chuckle Grumpy ;O