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    holy unloaded chunks

    this keeps happening to me in the nether
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    [1.13] Server Shops Suggestion

    shulker boxes are not rare but to some players are considered rare and as we all know shulker farms are near impossible to create or develop without a cheaty method usually involving spawners which are more for fun than anything because of this i had an idea for fun ive seen that matt has been...
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    Server Farms

    i have a small starter iron farm /res tp substone currently working on a double spawner skelly and zombie got lucky with that one ill post the tp later when its built im lazy
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    Dynamap question

    So im trying to find out is the new server has dynamap up yet and how to view it im trying to keep up with you all until i can get back online i try hard to be apart of the community but it seems i move every 3 or 4 months lol also who else is ready for update 1.14
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas have a safe drive
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    On my way back in about a month me and the ole lady rosebud got back to oklahoma and were doin...

    On my way back in about a month me and the ole lady rosebud got back to oklahoma and were doin fine see yall in a month
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    fyi to all my gibcraft friends

    hey guys sorry i havent been back to explain to those that were curious about my goings on family life calls sometimes as we all know and i am in the the middle of real life things that call my attention very soon i am posting for the reasons of my shop and in case imma thinks i vanished ill be...
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    happy early halloween

    i agree and thanks for adding in on this post its not meant to cause panic just a friendly reminder that holidays and events can be a bit hectic at times and yes imma you are correct always be leary of any open packages never allow any sweets to be consumed if you suspect anything its just not...
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    happy early halloween

    well that part i cant tell you but its usually safe to stick to well known streets that sponsor trick or treating or what we call trunk or treat events the xraying of foods is only to check for objects like metals an such if poison has been injected into food typically there will be an off taste...
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    happy early halloween

    once upon a time america had idiots that would put needles and shards of metal in the candy and fruit i have not heard of a case of this since 1998 but thats not the point you never can tell and it doesnt matter where you go some people can be sick individuals and yes it is true some hospitals...
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    happy early halloween

    i just want to say happy halloween from me and my family to all the players of Gibcraft new and old and would like to leave a reminder to all parents that will be out trick or treating always remember never let your children eat the candy before youve gotten a chance to get home and look at it...
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    same today same tomorrow

    same today same tomorrow
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    about a shop

    hey imma its SuBzErO8218 i was looking at store plot 11 how do i obtain it
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    looking to open a shop

    i was told about a lot that is open store plot 11 i wanted to have that spot if i can i dont know what info i need can anyone help
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    looking to be a new member kind of excited about it

    lol i try ty its just nice to have intelligent conversations
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    looking to be a new member kind of excited about it

    hey guys SuBzErO8218 here im just an old hippy 33 years old not much to tell really i got a butt load of kids that love minecraft that sometimes makes me wear frozen skins im sure some o you will get a good laugh out of that im pretty active player its nice to see an adult comunity that gives a...