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  1. SakuraFanelia

    Draining an Ocean Monument

    Job: I need help draining an ocean monument. Firs step will include putting up walls before draining with sponges. Here's a video tutorial of how we'll be doing it: Fast forward to 3 minutes and 27 seconds in: . Instead of 6 blocks between walls, we need to use 3. The outline for the walls are...
  2. SakuraFanelia

    Fast EXP Farm

    I created a gold farm that works as a great AFKable EXP farm. It's at /res tp midas.exp All you have to do when you get to the platform is shoot a zombie pigmen and when they aggro wait by the pink glass panes. You can get 30 EXP there in a little over a minute. I hope this doesn't need to be...
  3. SakuraFanelia

    Giving away a zombie spawner

    I have too many residences. I found a zombie spawner a while back and I'd like to give it away for free. I'll be giving it away as a residence to the first person who asks for it.
  4. SakuraFanelia

    Little Enara is open!

    Hi GiBcrafters! I thought I'd give this shop thing a try. I've set up a new shop stall I'm calling Little Enara that will sell different items every week. This current week is for special rails: Activator, Powered and Detector Rails. (Next week will be for metals and glass.) You can find us...
  5. SakuraFanelia

    Disappearing item frames

    The item frame I used as the microwave in my house (/res tp Fanelia) has disappeared THREE times now. I just replaced it the last time just hours ago. It's annoying and I don't know if it's a glitch or a player. Can someone please take a look at it?
  6. SakuraFanelia

    I'm not sure what is going on

    I built an automated wheat farm some weeks ago. Shortly after building it a few tracks went missing and it was a bother to repair it but I got it done. Later on, just today, I noticed that same wheat farm was missing its hopper minecart when I was investigating why no more wheat was being...
  7. SakuraFanelia


    Greetings, I just created a new account here to hopefully join your GiBcraft server. My Mojang username is SakuraFanelia, I am 30 years old and am hoping to enjoy the game again with a few friends since I played the game in beta some years ago. I live in Toronto, Canada and <enter something...