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  1. Brenduh

    Skyblock Challenges Reset?

    I just loaded a new skyblock island and I want to try a harder one. It still shows that I have completed the same challenges as before. Is there a way to reset that as well so I can get the first time rewards when I do them for the first time? Bren
  2. Brenduh

    My diamonds are missing

    There is nothing in my diamond chest at all. Could someone check it out please?
  3. Brenduh

    Any suggestions why this happens?

    This is only at my base. I can see chests at stores and other places. This is my chest room. Those signs are on my chests: (I don't know how to link this. it gave me an error)
  4. Brenduh

    Please be careful

    I went to the public farm today and the gate was open for the green sheep. I had to herd a bunch of them back in there. Please be careful at the farm.
  5. Brenduh

    Brenduhfingers recipe (lol butterfingers)

    A use for that nasty nasty candy corn. I hate candy corn but I love this stuff! A copycat recipe of a Butterfingers Candy Bar made with candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate. Ingredients 1 22oz bag (3 cups) candy corn 1 heaping cup peanut butter, smooth small bag chocolate chips...
  6. Brenduh

    Thanks Tij!

    I just want to put a thank you out there to Tij for helping me with my villager breeding farm. He took a very long time and even did most of the building work himself when he could have easily just given me a couple tips and went on with what he was doing. Tij, they are multiplying like...
  7. Brenduh

    Fallout 76 server??

    I'm getting my request in early. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... That is if they have servers like that. Now I'm wondering, maybe I'm wrong. Hmm...
  8. Brenduh

    Help Please Imma... (dunno if mods can)

    So my new computer is awesome! I got 800fps woohoo! But I still lag terribly at spawn. I went to spawn and lagged out and now I can't get back on. It keeps disconnecting me before I can get on. Can you move me so I can get back on? I don't expect you to be able to do it tonight, as I hope...
  9. Brenduh

    What am I forgetting? (New computer transfer)

    What am I forgetting to back up on my old computer to put on my new computer? I have documents, pictures, music, videos, books, game saves, (booksmarks and passwords are in the cloud), email accounts... I know I have to be forgetting something. Any ideas?
  10. Brenduh

    What do I ping?

    My connection is excellent according to speed test. My downloads and other places online are just fine but I only have 1 bar on gib usually and I keep getting lagged out. I tried ping -n 100 but I only get request timed out so I'm guessing that's not it. Any suggestions...
  11. Brenduh

    Imma: Java question

    Imma, You once told me to have my java point to a different java than the default. My game keeps freezing up so I was wondering if you could tell me that again? Thanks, Brenda
  12. Brenduh

    Joys place is on fire!

    I didn't do it, but I was boating by and saw this.
  13. Brenduh

    I, via creeper, messed up portal south of spawn...

    Not the portal itself, the outside of it. There was a sign about something about withers, I don't know what it said. I tried to put it back best I could. Bren
  14. Brenduh

    Second account stopped working...

    I was playing on pure with my second account this afternoon (DuhSavageWolf) and it was fine. This evening I tried to log on and got the error "You must be a gibcraft member to play on puregib"
  15. Brenduh

    Can anyone tell me if this is a decent pc?

    I'm looking to buy a new computer for my office (it currently has an xp pc...yeah.) It probably won't be for much gaming. It would be good if minecraft worked on it and if I could edit videos, but no major gaming. Is this pretty good? Dell Precision T3500-T Desktop: Key Features and Benefits...
  16. Brenduh

    Nether Portal Calculator

    This has come in handy. I hate doing the math:
  17. Brenduh

    Does Skyblock have special recipes?

    Hi All, I'm just curious, does skyblock have different recipes than regular minecraft? I know it does on some servers, just didn't know about ours. Thanks, Brenda
  18. Brenduh

    Really bad lag on pure when tp

    I have over a minute lag when /spawn /home or using portals. The lag is pretty bad anyway but reall really bad when tping. IS this on my end or the server? It just started today.
  19. Brenduh

    BDcraft Christmas ResourcePack fun

    BDcraft Christmas pack is for 1.9 but if you install the sphax for 1.11 at the same time then everything is covered. Redstone stairs are christmas toys and presents in this and I live in in an upsidedown pyramid. So funny, I thought i would share:
  20. Brenduh

    No Man's Sky! (how to play on an older gpu)

    Hey guys, I'm loving No Man's Sky. I will say that I initially preordered it (I know, hype hype) and then played it for about and hour and a half. I didn't feel like it was a $60 game so I refunded. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it and watching other people play it so I bought it again...