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  1. SewingJoy24


    Gibcraft has been shut down. Please do not apply for membership. Sorry and have a nice day.
  2. SewingJoy24

    Membership Request: koboldstyle

    Sorry, This server is closed for good.
  3. SewingJoy24

    Old Member looking to return

    Welcome back!
  4. SewingJoy24

    Request for membership

    What's your minecraft username and age?
  5. SewingJoy24

    I'm back!

    Welcome back! World was updated to 1.14 Thanks to Imma :) Probably will bring back some players for sure, good time to come back.
  6. SewingJoy24


    Approved! Welcome to GiBcraft. Please make sure you check out the rules as there are no ban appeals here. Have fun!
  7. SewingJoy24


    Approved. Have fun! Please make sure you read the rules as we have no ban appeals here. (quickly covers her chest with a steel bra and padlocks it)
  8. SewingJoy24

    My application

    Denied... 1. you have to be 18 or older to play here. and 2. You have been banned from other servers because you do not follow server rules. No friends for you here.
  9. SewingJoy24

    Wrong plot rented

    All fixed :)
  10. SewingJoy24


    Approved, Please be sure to check out the rules. We have no ban appeals here.
  11. SewingJoy24


    What is your in game name?
  12. SewingJoy24

    Application: Wyam

    Terris' SPAWN!? No. Denied! Abso-fricken-lutely not! If I could kick out Terris I would! HA! I'm just kidding, Welcome. Make sure you check out the rules, and have fun.
  13. SewingJoy24

    Can I join the server? ;)

    Application denied for bans on another server. Seems like those kids got tired of you.
  14. SewingJoy24

    Application: OriginalShellbot

    Approved. Welcome to GiBcraft! Thank you for reading the rules and asking about rules on discord. I feel you feel the feels of this server well. Enjoy... Here is the rules again because I don't know it seems wrong not posting it here with a reminder that we have no ban appeals here. Have...
  15. SewingJoy24

    My diamonds are missing

    Confession. Well that makes it easy. /banhammer Wes FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. No but seriously, Bren, What are the coords for the chest, I'll investigate.
  16. SewingJoy24

    Membership application!

    Ooops, I am at work and was tabbed out when you logged on! Sorry about that, I promoted you to member now though. Have fun :)
  17. SewingJoy24

    Membership Application

    Sounds like a good idea. :) What is your minecraft username?
  18. SewingJoy24

    Membership application!

    Approved! Please remember to read the rules, there are no ban appeals here. You'll need to login to the server at least once so I can promote you from guest to member. Just let any moderator who is online that you were approved on the forums by Joy. :)
  19. SewingJoy24


    Really? As per your previous application...DENIED. Seriously... Go away.
  20. SewingJoy24


    Application denied. You may reapply in 2 years. Have a great week!