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  1. sarahlaserena

    Sky Build Contest!!

  2. sarahlaserena

    Wither Skull Math (MC nerd stuff)

    @DET2102 - Dan @ClamKnuckler
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    Mushroom Island

    Agreed, please don't move!
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    Build Contest?

    My favorites are sky-builds and mansion room decorating. :)
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    How Are You?

    I also like the idea of the bottom-left one, but maybe with the slightly more opaque boxes like the bottom-center has.
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    Help! - Skyblock challenge reset

    Hi hi, I popped into Skyblock to tinker around, and reset my island to start over. But my challenges didn't reset, so I won't be able to advance. Can someone help me reset my challenges please? There's no command I can find to do it. Thanks!
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    Pigman Farm

  8. sarahlaserena

    GiBcraft Prime RPG Classes

    Just saw this one LOL. He's not sorry. He's never sorry. :P ;) <3
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    Assistance for an individual in Puerto Rico

    For anyone who doesn't feel comfortable donating directly to an individual, here is a charity that is actively and positively aiding those in need: They have a PayPal link on their website and they've been on all of the charity flyers for the food drives and...
  10. sarahlaserena

    Assistance for an individual in Puerto Rico

    Call to action: My good friend's best friend lives in Puerto Rico and is, like everyone there, in dire need of assistance. I've sent him $25 for now and hope to send more later. Please consider helping him out if you can. Thank you! <3 ***************************** As many of you know, my best...
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    PureGiB Shulker Boxes to Trade

  12. sarahlaserena

    ISO Spiderweb

    Hi guys! I'm using Spiderweb in my T.A.R.D.I.S. build (/res tp tardis) and need about 1400 more pieces! Yikes! :eek: I'm willing to pay pretty much whatever you want for your spiderweb. Online pretty much every night around 9pm Pacific, or you can leave me a comment here or /mail me in-game...
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    New mob farm design

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    Minecraft Skins -- will design for in-game currency

    I don't think that'd function for skins, however.
  15. sarahlaserena

    Minecraft Skins -- will design for in-game currency

    Unfortunately no, that's not an option. The filetype is PNG to retain transparency, and PNG doesn't do animation.
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    Rainbow_Bacchus Membership Application

    And by "slightly NSFW" she means "incredibly NSFW". But 99% of the time we're on the raunchy side instead of the racist/sexist/etc side. :)
  17. sarahlaserena

    Dark Blue Wool

    Hi guys! I'm building a giiiiiant T.A.R.D.I.S. and am in need of ALL THE BLUE WOOL. Haha. You can see its scale here... 100x100 res, to build limit. I've placed buy chests at my /res tp Banners shop: and at the build site, /res tp TARDIS : If you feel like my prices aren't right, let...