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    The new 1.13 world is up It took a while, but here it is.
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    1.13 snapshot multiplayer world is up

    Please read this before hopping on. There are no plug-ins installed except for one, which allows cross server chat. DO NOT GET ATTACHED to this server. You are free to log in, build, mine, explore or whatever else you want to do. However at any time, you may lose all your stuff, fall through...
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    Forum upgrade

    It changed stuff, a lot. We will be working on cleaning up some of the uglier results of the change over time.
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    Forums will be down tomorrow

    The forums will be unavailable for a limited time tomorrow. I will be performing an upgrade.
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    Please read

    Just a note. Immaridel is taking a step back for a week or two. He will be available for support directly through me. If you contact him directly, it's most likely he will direct you to me. This isn't because he doesn't care, but because he needs a break. I started GiB and made the maps and...
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    Possible down time

    Our host discovered a faulty fan on the server. They may or may not have to bring it down for repair. No eta as of yet.
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    The wither thing

    Knock it off. I'm about to start banning. It is not okay to ask people to come help you kill a wither, let them get wiped out and then take their stuff. There shouldn't even have to be a rule about it. Zero tolerance from this point forward.
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    Minibuild judging has begun

    We will let everyone know what the results are by this weekend. For reference, here are the entries. They are in no particular order, numbered left to right. The signs in front of your build do not indicate placement. They are only there for reference. 1. RavaKeeva 2. Rhud1979 3...
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    2nd "Annual" minibuild contest

    Yeah it hasn't been quite a year but we're calling it annual anyway because we can. The new contest starts Sunday, June 29th and will end on Sunday, July 13th. Judging will be done by the Admins and Mods. You can claim a plot now, but do not start building until Sunday, June 29th. The new...
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    Minecraft servers are down

    Check this page for the status, but until they're back up nothing we can do:
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    Open discussion

    This has been bugging the crap out of me so I wanted to open up a discussion regarding a few things. Anyone, and I mean anyone, is free to comment in whatever way they want. I think everyone here knows that I have a pretty high tolerance threshold and probably should have banned far more people...
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    The server will be down for about an hour

    We are migrating the server to a new host. Before you log back in you will need to change your client version to "latest". We expect it to be back up within an hour (around 12:00 am CDT). The ip will be changing. For most of you, by the time you log back in you won't even notice...
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    Server issues

    As you guys know for the past week or so we've had quite a few server issues. From the big Spigot/Bukkit negative tick bug, to one of our major backbone providers suffering through a massive DDoS attack and now a memory leak issue. When it rains, it pours. We apologize for these outages and have...
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    Host issues

    As if the Mojang issue wasn't bad enough earlier, it looks like the host is having connection issues for some people right now as well. I can't even log in at the moment.
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    Well, I thought what I needed to do would take around 10-15 mins. I did as much as I could and it only took around 4's back up ;)
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    More changes

    I guess you guys have noticed the new [Donator+] colors next to some of your names by this point. Immaridel will post details within the next day or two regarding why that has been changed as well as new changes on how you donate. The model has not changed, just a much better immediate method is...
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    Read this

    Guys/Gals, whoever is reading this, it doesn't apply to about 99% of you. For the rest of you, you need to grow up and stop. You know who you are, and you know why I am writing this. I'd rather be in bed and be asleep but I have to stay up and babysit yet another incident. Stop the damn...
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    We are having technical issues with our host.

    I'm looking into it. Hopefully we will be back up soon.
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    Official "Did you know?" thread

    I could make an FAQ, but I wanted something a bit more dynamic that other members could contribute to. The basic purpose of this thread is to share bits and pieces of information that a lot of you may not have known otherwise. Please keep the posts on this thread on-topic and informative. In...
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    Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. I hope that song is stuck in your head now

    First change, the GiBcraft starter shop in the bank is going away. This will create new opportunities for shop owners to start supplying these type of items to new players instead of the money just going nowhere. Right now we currently sell every type of iron tool, iron armor and stacks of...