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  1. sarahlaserena

    Help! - Skyblock challenge reset

    Hi hi, I popped into Skyblock to tinker around, and reset my island to start over. But my challenges didn't reset, so I won't be able to advance. Can someone help me reset my challenges please? There's no command I can find to do it. Thanks!
  2. sarahlaserena

    Assistance for an individual in Puerto Rico

    Call to action: My good friend's best friend lives in Puerto Rico and is, like everyone there, in dire need of assistance. I've sent him $25 for now and hope to send more later. Please consider helping him out if you can. Thank you! <3 ***************************** As many of you know, my best...
  3. sarahlaserena

    ISO Spiderweb

    Hi guys! I'm using Spiderweb in my T.A.R.D.I.S. build (/res tp tardis) and need about 1400 more pieces! Yikes! :eek: I'm willing to pay pretty much whatever you want for your spiderweb. Online pretty much every night around 9pm Pacific, or you can leave me a comment here or /mail me in-game...
  4. sarahlaserena

    Dark Blue Wool

    Hi guys! I'm building a giiiiiant T.A.R.D.I.S. and am in need of ALL THE BLUE WOOL. Haha. You can see its scale here... 100x100 res, to build limit. I've placed buy chests at my /res tp Banners shop: and at the build site, /res tp TARDIS : If you feel like my prices aren't right, let...
  5. sarahlaserena

    Redstone - Compact color-changing beacon

    Hi guys, Is like to see if someone could design me a thing that could make a beacon beam change colors. It's for on top of my Atlantis shop, so it can't be huge, needs to fit in one plot space or less. My initial thought was something that pushes colored glass around on top of a beacon beam...
  6. sarahlaserena

    Minecraft Skins -- will design for in-game currency

    Hi guys! I've discovered that there's a market on our server for custom-designed Minecraft skins. My pricing will vary per project, depending on how much time and effort it takes to design the skin you want, but my base price will be $50,000 (in-game currency) and increase from there. For...
  7. sarahlaserena

    random wild warp command?

    Suggestion -- a command to teleport somewhere randomly in the wild?
  8. sarahlaserena

    Discovered an interface shortcut!

    I discovered an interface shortcut recently, and as I showed it to Dan last night and he said he hadn't known about it, I thought I might post it here in case it was news to anyone else, too. Hopefully I can explain it in a way that makes sense. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that if...
  9. sarahlaserena

    New future GiBster :)

    File was too large to upload and I'm tired, so just click the link. :) @RavaKeeva you won your bet!
  10. sarahlaserena

    My signature cookie recipe

    Since I can't actually give you these awesome cookies I make every autumn/winter, here's the recipe for you to make it yourselves. They're like pumpkin-flavored clouds. <3 (My husband hates pumpkin but likes these cookies so that should tell you something lol) Let me know if you make them and...
  11. sarahlaserena

    zombie spawner

    Found a zombie spawner if anyone wants it coords: X: 2760 Y: 18 Z: -633
  12. sarahlaserena

    cave spider spawner

    Found a cave spider spawner if anyone wants it. coords: X: 2824 Y: 33 Z: -696
  13. sarahlaserena

    Real-Life Pic Thread - Part 2

    We've gained a lot of new players lately, and I thought it might be fun to start a new real-life picture thread. :) Here's one of me how I currently look (8 months pregnant and huge lol) Here's one of how I *usually* look (not as humongous :D)
  14. sarahlaserena

    Banner Shop is open for business!

    /res tp Banners is officially open for business! :D - I can do almost any banner in almost any combination of colors (especially letters) -- just ask! - I take requests! I'll try my best to design any banner theme or idea you come up with. - I buy some of the special ingredients! Come take a...
  15. sarahlaserena


    I was wondering if admin might consider adding the Skyblock plugin? It's one of my favorite mini-games, and I really enjoy the people on this server. It would be nice if I didn't have to play on a different server to get my skyblock fix. :) That's all. Thanks!
  16. sarahlaserena

    sarahlaserena - application

    Hello! :) My name is Sarah, my IGN is sarahlaserena. I'm 30, and have been playing MC for 5-6 years. My husband plays with me too, he's Daniel/DET2102. We're nice people. :) Hope to see you online!