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  1. kryvian

    Where is everyone?

    Uh, I have some bad news, due to a decline in interest in minecraft in general (busy lives + burnout), gibcraft is taking a break, server will go down on the 14th I think. It will return sometime in the future, the forums will remain active as will the discord.
  2. kryvian

    Hey y'all!

    Server is still around for people to go full Purge and save builds.
  3. kryvian

    Where is everyone?

    There is talk about making a realm so that we can be up to date so we can retain a constant playerbase.
  4. kryvian

    Where is everyone?

    I'm working 8~11h days and saturdays, kinda burned out, I log in from time to time, but I'm also mostly waiting for the nether update to hit and if possible a reset/new server so we can get sum of that nether goodness.
  5. kryvian

    Returning member.

    Hello! address is Message me on our discord group and I can give you some free stuff to get you started. :)
  6. kryvian

    I'm back!

  7. kryvian

    I'm back!

    Hello :D
  8. kryvian

    Minecraft Exhibition at MoPop in Seattle

    I would if I didn't live on another continent and had a higher salary :p
  9. kryvian

    I'm back!

    Welcome back Ravyn, people don't visit the forums that often so asking here won't give the best results.
  10. kryvian

    1.14 Oddities and Issues

    I'm late to the party. The pistons may just be a residence flag issue. Speaking of residences, we really should have a stickied thread of all the commands and possible issues surrounding residences. BOATS: Since 1.14 you can no longer push boats? or fall on boats as a player, you get...
  11. kryvian

    Book Traders Village Now Open for Trades

    Thank you pepi!
  12. kryvian

    The End

    thnx moymoy <3
  13. kryvian

    Share your build plans for 1.13

    Necro time? Necro time. A border town-fort of sorts. Of course it devolved into a cove. Y-yes I will make the village AND p-put villagers in it!
  14. kryvian

    Makeshift Location Map

    I'm at 15000 x 15000 [The South-East shall rinse again!]
  15. kryvian


    will probably possibly be there to snatch the egg at the end and loot stuff off corpses. MANDATORY EVERYONE GET A STACK OF EMPTY BOTTLES, THROW THEM WHEN HE DOES THE FIRE.
  16. kryvian

    [bug] Hoppers delete items in 1.13

    When I did stuff on the atlantis test/creative server, it reset every weekend, think it was sunday>monday, however creative didn't move to current survival (pre ocean update), at least when I tried it out and then I didn't really have a need for creative to try again, so idk what the current...
  17. kryvian

    [bug] Hoppers delete items in 1.13

    Ice still has an use when one water flow ends and another begins, to keep as much momentum and not stop, or worse, clump up multiple of the same items, as our server does.
  18. kryvian

    [bug] Hoppers delete items in 1.13

    I went out of my way and used ice waterways to move items about to reduce lag (I had the iron to make all of it hoppers).
  19. kryvian

    [bug] Hoppers delete items in 1.13

    Oh you poor lost soul. you have no idea what server you're on.
  20. kryvian

    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Burn it to the ground, desecrate it's corpse and crush it's skull in with the pelvis bone.* *not necessarily in that specific order.