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  1. Llenawar

    Play-by-Post (poaching) You can ignore the World of Greyhawk part (mostly) as we have expanded. There is a section for 3.5, Pathfinder, and a game or 2 in 5e.... The Pathfinder thread for this game is...
  2. Llenawar

    Play-by-Post (poaching)

    Posted in the wrong thread, but I'm looking for players that might be interested in Play-by-Post games. There are several, but specifically I'm wanting to keep a Pathfinder game alive. (I really like my character in the game) We are currently 7th level and this game is a huge one that could...
  3. Llenawar


    I think that's a great idea. In game gossip.... :):p
  4. Llenawar

    Application for Spouse

    Well, since I can't seem to get my account validated, I created another one. Hi all.