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  1. MrsCluck

    Shop commands

    Is it possible to share a shop with another player? How do I do this?
  2. MrsCluck

    Curious happening

    I'm not really sure what happened. I've been on most of the night trying to breed more villagers for trading. I stepped away for a bit and when I came back, several of my best villagers are gone. In an odd twist, it was only the ones which I use for book sales in Atlantis. The less desirable...
  3. MrsCluck

    Okay, which of you is this?

  4. MrsCluck

    A little warning

    Do you think maybe next time you decide to make a major change to game mechanics, you could give us some warning first so we don't lose EVERYTHING? I am rogue class level 12. I was used to being able to mine and go in the nether without fear of lava. Jump in, tick a little, and survive. No big...
  5. MrsCluck

    Minecraft buddy

    This is my MC buddy. He gets a kick out of endermen and villagers. Show me yours!
  6. MrsCluck

    MrsCluck wants to play

    Hi y'all! I am a 32 year old Mama in a Minecraft obsessed household. My boys got me playing a couple years ago. I used to play on WoodenAxe, then moved with some of those players when that server collapsed. I'm ready for a new crowd now. I play casually. I won't say I'm very good, but I enjoy...