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  1. W3st

    Thank you :)

    Quit trying to suck up.
  2. W3st

    The Coliseum

    I placed a few blocks on this build, I am now part owner of it.
  3. W3st


    So, I was thinking after we meet in game we could release a little info about our characters as we move along. A natural progression in our characters relationships. Curious if it would be acceptable to post things we learn about other characters that others might not know? Of course this...
  4. W3st

    W3st application

    Weeeee, I am part of the in crowd now! (Seriously, I would like to take this time to thank the academy, the pager who made this happen, SewingJoy24 for assuring me of the joy to come, and most of all Jokomoms for taking the bribe and hooking me up!)
  5. W3st

    W3st application

    Been gaming since I was a kid. Took a break from Minecraft for awhile. Glad to be back and ready to start building. IGN: W3st Age: 46 Location: TN/USA Astrological Sign: Libra Preferred Moniker: Sexy Sacrifices I am willing to make: None Joy level: Meh Note: MrFazuku thinks I am swell...