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  1. Vlynder

    Makeshift Location Map

    Good idea. I am at 520 x 3,500.
  2. Vlynder

    The new 1.13 world is up

    Can someone share the plans for a Dynmap view for this server, assuming that's the plan? Still 1.13 issues?
  3. Vlynder

    The new 1.13 world is up

    Thanks so much! I am unreasonably excited about this!
  4. Vlynder

    Hurricane Florence

    Hang in, Pepi! Literally, if you have to! [toasts with a Makers'n ginger]
  5. Vlynder

    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Wasn't that firegrl - somebody? I have fond memories of helping her get a ghast and a shulker. Maybe she's stalking the forum like me, anxiously awaiting our new gib home.
  6. Vlynder

    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    I love the plans for this, and am looking for ward to building something new!
  7. Vlynder

    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    I have not been on for a bit but lately I've been getting the block itch... I'd enjoy a new map with new areas to explore and build. And this time, I will build everything exactly the way I want it, and finish it all. riiiiiight
  8. Vlynder

    Spider Sand, spider sand

    Great stuff, Kryv. Especially how you adjusted the viewing angle to the map.
  9. Vlynder

    Dirt Disappearing

    Leiath, have you tried turning off your client side mods to see if the issue persists?
  10. Vlynder

    Lost my pink shulker box

    My most likely tip, is that you placed it inside one of your other chests. Not that I have ever done so myself. Of course. Jus thinkin
  11. Vlynder

    Minecraft Server Application

    Welcome, neighbor. I am on the other side of the jungle you're in. Hope to see you in game.
  12. Vlynder

    New Prisma stairs!

    Yes! Come on already 1.13!
  13. Vlynder

    Hopper anti-Lag tutorial from Ilmango

    Very informative. Thanks, Wes!
  14. Vlynder

    The Coliseum

    Dan, I was planning on returning and help finish the floor, then noticed you are using concrete powder, not concrete. So much for my 10 stacks huh. Do you plan to run water over it to turn it to concrete, or do you prefer the look of the powder?
  15. Vlynder

    Problem Logging in

    Leiath, I have had this problem a good bit too, when traveling or on overloaded library systems. The issue was always with my internet connection, not with anything the server has control over.
  16. Vlynder


    Great thread gals/guys, thanks for the info and insight.
  17. Vlynder

    Vote Skybuild Contest

    Congrats Athena! And thank you Dan for setting it all up and building the pods. It was fun!
  18. Vlynder

    The Coliseum

    Other than a bunch stray blocks that can be filled by walking around the entire thing, the only thing left is the main floor. I am working on breaking what's there so we can do black and white concrete. I think 2x2 b&w mosaic is what would look best in an area that large. Probably also needs a...
  19. Vlynder

    Vote Skybuild Contest

    Added a name to my plot #8: Fort Purple Rainier
  20. Vlynder

    The Coliseum

    Yesterday, Joko and Athena offered up 50 DC's(!!!) of stone for the build. This will do it. I gracefully accepted 25DC's and happily started placing. On the inside, I actually finished 1/4 of all the stands and it looks impressive. Now, we just have to worry about supplies for the alternating...