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  1. Ravyn_herself

    I'm back!

    Sweet! Thanks, Imma!
  2. Ravyn_herself

    I'm back!

    Hey everybody! I have finally returned home after my one year contract in China, so I'm gonna get back to playing on Gib soon. I was wondering who's still playing. Also, given that the server is still 1.13.2, I was curious if there's any reset/a new map in store. I know Gib doesn't do these...
  3. Ravyn_herself


    You... YOU stay away from my priceless armor!!! =))
  4. Ravyn_herself


    Aye! I'm ready to die with my lag armor and bad-ping sword!!!! Can't wait to hear @NoShitSherlock narrate!!
  5. Ravyn_herself

    Share your build plans for 1.13

    Hmm... let's see, like always: I will come up with a plan for a super complicated and awesome build, then I will spend 5 weeks finding 'the perfect spot' (which, by the way, always ends up being right next to the world border), then I'll start building only to realize I kinda wanna build...
  6. Ravyn_herself

    So, because I am a shit disturber...

    Hello!!! How's it going? I haven't played in such a long while. I'd really love to come back especially with 1.13. Unfortunately, I've ended up with a job in China and the internet I have here is a big pile of crap. So I'm stuck watching the Hermits play. Playing alone is so dang boring.
  7. Ravyn_herself

    Sky Build Contest!!

    Hello! I've claimed plot no. 5.
  8. Ravyn_herself

    Mushroom Island

    Ha! So that's where the brown horse came from! I was trying to figure out how it just appeared there since I was sure I didn't bring a second one - the first one was too much of a trouble to drag to my island hence the name Trouble. Thanks! ^_^
  9. Ravyn_herself

    Mushroom Island

    Okay. Thank you! I’m glad it’s fine to stay. Can’t wait to get some free time and build some of the stuff I've planned. I'm also glad nobody's mad at me!
  10. Ravyn_herself

    Mushroom Island

    Hey! Yeah, that's my place and I had big plans for the area. I've only chosen a mushroom island because I love the shade of green that grass has in the mushroom biome. And I spent quite a bit of time finding that island. Others were already in the Nether, building blaze farms or whatever while...
  11. Ravyn_herself

    Nyxie's Totally cool and Super Awesome Horse Race

    Hey! I'm a bit late, but I wanna sign up too! :D
  12. Ravyn_herself

    Pure GiB Dragon Fight

    Wes, I'd love two of those mending bows! I've got two hot stacks of iron waiting for you! :D
  13. Ravyn_herself

    Pure GiB Dragon Fight

    Me! Me! Me! Yes, I am so very interested! I’m up for it anytime between 4am and 9pm UTC. Given that it’s a one time thing I could make 11pm EST happen, if everyone else wants that. ^_^ ~ Sharkbait xD PS: I can make a bunch of potions of regeneration if needed.
  14. Ravyn_herself


    Hello! My name's Alexandra, I'm 25, and I'm from a small country in Europe. I've been playing Minecraft for roughly 3 years. I'm still a student (I've changed fields a few times), aiming to become a Linguistics professor - or something related, and I like to relax by playing games, especially...