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  1. Archlich

    GiB Is Down?

    Hey folks, the server is down. What's up? O_O
  2. Archlich

    What is the Server Address

    For some reason my saved Minecraft servers got wiped. What is the current server address? I've tried 30005, 30000, and 25565 but those aren't it.
  3. Archlich

    Server Down?

    It shows 3 people on, but won't let me login. This isn't a problem on my end is it?
  4. Archlich


  5. Archlich

    How Are You?

    I value what you say. This is for you. Please have a good week.
  6. Archlich


    eets a peecture ‍♂️
  7. Archlich

    Multiple Installs of Minecraft?

    This was originally for Minecraft but any tips from GiB mods or admin would be gratefully received. Not sure if this is even where to post it. I should probably sleep. Arch
  8. Archlich

    I Made a Long, Boring Video!

    Aw yeah.. Uh huh! #MeWannaBaloon
  9. Archlich

    Summit Meeting Underway At Mojang!

    I bring you more shameless artsy flatulence!! arch
  10. Archlich

    Pure Wootie

    I have released a black horse at the spawn hut on pure. His name is Wootie. Anyone wants can has.
  11. Archlich

    DocM77 on Vacation in Spain

    Mah dude!
  12. Archlich

    Derp Pix

    Just when you thought it was SAFE! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHUH!? Thanks for the Blaze Farm & Ender Ender on Pure :) Have a good weekend! Lich
  13. Archlich

    Simple Addition Problem

    Can anyone explain to me what's going on here: Count them. Then Count them.
  14. Archlich

    More Random Crapola

    Attempt at a newsdesk: And my base with some f/x textures: Have a great weekend everyone! L
  15. Archlich

    Need some Adventure Screen Tweaks

    I'm hiring designers. My mine is in need of some touches here & there to finish it as a dramatic set piece. If anyone wants to take a look at it and make some money, I'm paying $25,000 - $250,000 depending on what's agreed. "Deep underground, a daunting trip awaits anyone warped here by...
  16. Archlich

    Shameless Self-Promotion!

    Woot! Here's an fx texturing sampler for (maybe!) some MC cinematics: ...and a preliminary encounter with wha? __________________________________________________________________ Liberate me ex Inferis! Inest Clentia Forti I'm just damn uppity. :mad: :D Lich
  17. Archlich

    Here I Am

    Turns out, videos without sound are boring.
  18. Archlich

    It's Someone's Birthday?

    10 goto Party! ;):rolleyes::D
  19. Archlich

    Art? Eh...