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  1. Pepi

    Book Traders Village Now Open for Trades

    Hi All! After much planning and work, the public trading village is now ready for your trading pleasure. /warp books The village is divided into 3 main groups of huts: Weapon enchants, Armor enchants, and Tool & General enchants. Due to space issues, some huts are combined. For example, we...
  2. Pepi

    Hurricane Florence

    Hi All, just wanted to let everyone know Randy and I are sending good vibes out to everyone effected by this big ol' storm off our coast (We live in - you guessed it - Zebulon NC). Here's hoping that it will be little more than a great excuse to drink copiously... Yes, I've got the hurricane...
  3. Pepi

    Application for Spouse

    Hello Folks, My husband, Randy,, would like to join, not so much to play on the server, but to get more information about Matt's forum post about the DnD game. He is older than me, so well-qualified as an adult... He has signed up for this forum but for some reason...
  4. Pepi

    "Kits" @ Spawn

    Hi Everyone, In case you go to spawn and wonder what's up with my groupings of stuffs, (like, who did that even?), I wanted to let ya'all know that I'm going to be putting "kits" in some of the new chests. I'm not all that great at doing stuff in the end, so I am not able to just dump these...
  5. Pepi

    Villagers De-spawning - The Saga Never Ends

    I was surfing around trying to find something that could help me keep my villagers safe and happy, rather than finding they have evaporated yet again, and I thought I'd share this, since it makes no sense to me, yet somehow seems like Imma or any of the other mods might be able to find it...
  6. Pepi

    Application for Alt

    Hi, it's PepiOfZebulon here. I've created a new alt, named POZ_Alt. It's a long, sad story, but I also have an alt named Alt_Pep, which I need removed. Is it possible to transfer Alt_Pep's properties to POZ_Alt? If so, I'd appreciate it. If not, can you please remove the Alt_Pep ownerships...
  7. Pepi

    Zombie Spawner 4 the Taking

    Hi All, If you need a zombie spawner, there is one here that you can develop. It's in a mine I've been cleaning out... Buy the property (it is unclaimed) and make a grinder, but be sure you don't let 'em all gather on one block, right Imma?
  8. Pepi

    Membership Application: PepiOfZebulon

    Hi, I'm PepiOfZebulon in MC, and I've been playing for years with my daughter, Smilodonna. I'd love to join the group and have a look around! I've read the rules, and they make sense and seem fair. I mostly just build stuff and enjoy exploring.