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  1. Immaridel

    mcMMO Leveling

    So, there have been complaints (which I always enjoy neglecting) about the leveling being based on the power level of the player rather than the level of the skill. Originally, the leveling curve being based on the power level of the player was supposed to coincide with changes I had made to...
  2. Immaridel

    Removing the use of /baltop

    After taking time to consider a discussion about money and such on the server, I have decided to remove the use of /baltop. Too many people are trying to play "keep up" and it's causing rather more drama and hurt feelings that are entirely necessary when playing digital legos with other adults...
  3. Immaridel

    RPG Classes are now live

    You may now play around with the different RPG class selections on GiBPrime. BIG-ASS DISCLAIMER: I'm a shitty programmer on a good day, so don't expect this to be a flawless rollout. You may learn a new class at any time at no cost. You will lose your current experience, but you will retain...
  4. Immaridel

    GiBcraft Prime RPG Classes

    Note: Release Date pending testing results. Testing pending scotch reserves. So, to add a little fun and flavor to things, I've decided to implement the following "classic" RPG classes to our server. This is not a plugin I dropped in, which is to say that I had to write it myself - which is...
  5. Immaridel

    GiBPrime is Live!

    More details can be found in the original post, but I will sum up what I can and add more details below. This is probably going to be edited as I remember things, because there's a lot to remember and my memory is pretty shit. So, here goes: FRIENDLY REMINDER to NOT PANIC. GRAB A FUCKING...
  6. Immaridel

    GiBcraft Prime 1.12.2

    Attention, GiBcrafters! Myself and the GiBcraft Mod team have been working hard on something new and secret. I guess it's time we let you in on it. The current primary GiBcraft server has been around since Jan 17th, 2015. That's almost 3 years on one map. I think it's time to retire it and...
  7. Immaridel

    August 16, 2017 - Downtime and Patching

    We experienced a downtime early in the morning (PDT) today. Once that issue was resolved, I took the available window and applied OS and security patches to the system, which required a further reboot to apply. All servers are back up and operational as of 7:50am PDT. Thanks for your...
  8. Immaridel

    July 28th - Morning Maintenance

    I took all of the servers down today to do some quick upgrades to my own backend code. After new plugin versions are tested, they'll now be staged into a directory and will automatically replace the previous running versions each night, along with the current spigot version. This will make my...
  9. Immaridel

    July 27th - Mojang Authentication Issues

    As some of you have no doubt noticed, you cannot log in at the moment. Looks like Mojang's support twitter account made a post confirming the issue about a half an hour ago, so we just have to wait it out...
  10. Immaridel


    So, in my efforts to clean up some old processes and turn off some things that are no longer needed, I kinda killed the processes currently running the servers. So, that's why you got kicked at around 5:30pm GMT. So yeah. My bad. All up and running again. :)
  11. Immaridel

    1.12 - Now Showing

    All servers have been updated to 1.12. This was a pretty aggressive update schedule, as spigot 1.12 was made available yesterday evening, so be sure to report any issues new to this version. There should be nothing game-breaking, however, so go forth and have fun.
  12. Immaridel


    So, bit of a burp on Pure, so, sorry for the outage. Apparently there's a bug with WorldGuard, so when I tried to expand a large region to do some work, it burped, took the server out, and that region came back up with chunks missing. Easy enough to fix, if not time consuming, and a cursory...
  13. Immaridel

    PureGiB Server

    I've just launched a new server for GiBcraft members. Call it a weekend impulse that was encouraged by @SpiffiestJester Connection Information: Server: LiveMap: World Details: ALL THE RULES STILL APPLY HERE. That means: Don't be a...
  14. Immaridel

    SkyBlock Update

    I couldn't find the post about it here, but I know someone had said that wither skeletons weren't spawning on SkyBlock. Well, SkyBlock is now at the latest version, so check and see if things are sorted there.
  15. Immaridel

    Rules Regarding Application Posts

    If you are not a mod, do NOT post on applications for new members. I realize some people like to say hello and all that, but some of you also like to butt-in and do the jobs of the mods or myself. That is not your place, and you're not helping by antagonizing people. Knock it off.
  16. Immaridel

    Map Size Increased

    Since things are appearing outside the given world border, the map has been increased in size once again.
  17. Immaridel

    For Kitties

    To the tune of "Chestnuts roasting on an Open Fire" Networks roasting like an open fire Everything's down and no one knows You'll try calling, praying hard you're not fired But folkes just aren't up at this hour Perhaps just pull the power... Oh God, that didn't work at all! It's still up -...
  18. Immaridel

    Plugin updates

    sometime tomorrow morning I will do a quick restart to update a plugin that is causing noise in my logs, probably about 7:00AM PDT. Just FYI
  19. Immaridel

    1.11 Update Tonight (~8PM PDT)

    Expected downtime is about 15 minutes. After the primary server ( is completed, I will update the SkyBlock server. You have been warned!
  20. Immaridel

    Ender Dragon Spawning

    So, the orginal issue was people not being able to go near the portal platform, which was because of a region we had there protecting the original Dragon Egg. That's been removed as of last night sometime. Apparently, however, a bug was introduced in 1.10 that effects a lot of worlds, like...