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  1. kryvian

    Spider Sand, spider sand

    does whatever an island can. Can he swim? No he can't He's a spider Made of sand. :) Public spider grinder open for your digital pleasure :)
  2. kryvian

    Triple Spider Spawner + Skeleton spawner ( PUBLIC! :D )

    /res tp spiderfarm I am pleased to introduce the triple spider spawner + an aditional skeleton spawner if you fancy that in stead. Residence has healing turned on. Monsters can be taken down to one hit with a flick of a lever. Follow the signs, made it real easy to use. Combined with Midas...
  3. kryvian


    it's 5 o 9 and I'm potato fried
  4. kryvian

    The legend of our fearless leader

  5. kryvian

    Armor & Shield missing

    Went to end grinder took off armor and shield (inventory) equipped mending pickaxe in left hand equipped a sword in right hand fixed pickaxe re-equipped my armor, equipped shield (placed pick back in hotbar) filled inventory with pearls teleported to my res dumped pearls in arrow making chest do...
  6. kryvian

    To Rava

    I may have broken some armor stands then rendered them unusable along with whatever was on them. I will replace everything you are missing, just tell me where to drop them off.
  7. kryvian

    Need diggers

    G'day, Looking for someone/multiple people who want to dig some stuff. You will be provided with the tools and chests to dump stuff into (mending shovel+pick in a chest with a sign next to it), there's beacons to help. I will pay 100k for each segment marked on the map, and you can ofcourse...
  8. kryvian


    Quartz for the Quartz God! I require an inhumane quantity of quartz (most likely dozens of DC) Any form of quartz is accepted (ore, drop, block, slab, stair, chiseled, column), prices can be negotiated every last block counts. reply here or leave me a mail in game or poke me if I'm not afk, etc
  9. kryvian

    Bad neighbourhood

    every time I come back home! half of them teleported away before I could take a picture.
  10. kryvian

    mega warehouse - the saga

    so after the buy/sell shop signs made previous build useless, here's the reworked version. for mundane stuff like stone/cobble/dirt, I also added a bulk overflow in the back before it finally sends any overflow to the cactus garbage can (it may seem excessive, but when you start building...
  11. kryvian

    Hoppers, Chests and Signs

    Will picture related work? Will picture related work at atlantis?
  12. kryvian

    short lived joy

    got only 16 dia with fortune3 out of it. not even close to a x2, oh well, first time I ever saw a 10 diamond vine :>
  13. kryvian

    connection problems

    ok I'll ask right off the bat, have I been ip banned? the forums don't come up, the server doesn't come up, not from my PC or any other under my router or on mobile internet, but on IP hiders everything loads dandy. just trying to figure out where the problem is ;-;
  14. kryvian

    kryvian's application

    Hello, my nick is kryvian(ign, skype, everything), 25 years old. I like to make farms for anything and everything possible as well as other various redstone stuff (and keep it as server friendly as possible). (I am not good with introductions)