1.13 Community Enderman Farm

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I know this is just a temporary map. I can build it again when the real server starts.

Following the community dragon fight, I volunteered to build the enderman farm. With a lot of excitement, I entered my testing server and designed the new enderman grinder. I decided on a modern look with bright blocks and a little color. Additionally, I wanted everyone to feel like they were close to falling off the platform. The floor of the grinder is transparent with black concrete under to create an uneasy feeling. The tunnel is covered with black concrete so players can feel like they are riding a boat over the void.

Screenshots (from my personal testing server)
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Item List
This farm requires a lot of materials and resource gathering takes a decent amount of time. I will be putting a lot of time into gathering items but help is always welcome! There are donation chests beside the nether portal at spawn.

Needed Items:
  • Black Concrete (18 stacks)
NOTICE: This list for items currently needed. I will remove materials as they are gathered.
This list was last updated 8-7-2018 at 4:32AM EDT.

Thanks to the effort of everyone involved, I was able to build most of the farm. All I need is black concrete to replace the end stone tunnel and dirt under the floor. For now, the ender ender is working and gives a ton of XP. Feel free to use the farm as much as you want. There is also an enchantment area, crafting table, furnace, anvil, ender chest and plenty of storage.

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At least you can still cheese the endermen by standing under blocks.. I'll definitely be doing Quark on my modded server though. Since you'll have the option of being OP, so will the mobs.. =P

Enderman Anti-Cheese - Going under a 2 block high area while being attacked by an enderman will have the enderman pick up and drop the blocks you are hiding under. This ability is negated in Easy mode.