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Howdy, everyone.
My IGN is 16944. People usually end up calling me 16. I'm open to suggestions for a fun, non-numerical nickname, however.
I'd be delighted to get to know y'all. I'm easy to get along with and impossible to offend (unless you eat cold pizza, but I'm working on my tolerance.) I've played Minecraft since Beta 1.2, but haven't had a SMP server to call home in quite some time. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is to create a nature sanctuary and pretend my character is vegetarian. I am not vegetarian in real life, I love me a good burger.
Quick trivia about me! I live in Texas, I'm 20 years old, I have a miniature dachshund, and I think House Bill 896 is the worst thing to happen to my state since Hurricane Harvey.

Thank you for your time.