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Breaking the following rules can result in an immediate ban:

- Griefing. If someone placed a block, you don't break it. This includes homes, farms, statues or any other structure another player has built. The same applies in areas with PvP. Just because you can kill there doesn't mean you're allowed to grief.

- Spamming/Advertising. Shut up.

- Cheating/Hacks. If you are using any sort of mod that allows you an unfair advantage be it PvP or PvE, it is forbidden.

- Harassment. I let a lot of things slide in chat, and I don't censor, but be respectful. You don't have the right to say whatever you want on this server. Anything over the top will likely be met with the ban hammer. Chill out and have fun.


I expect in-game chat to be friendly and approachable for anyone who's playing. The fact that we are an adult server is not an invitation to have risque and/or vulgar chat where everyone has to read it. It means are are actual adults who don't feel the need to fill every conversation full of sex jokes and over-the-top profanity. Everyone swears every now and then, but there's a tolerable limit for most people. If you're not sure where that limit is, you'll need to figure it out pretty quick.

If you feel the need to have a conversation that will come too close to go beyond the rules, then have it either in a private whisper conversation, or take it to the #gibchat channel in Discord. If you need to be warned too many times about your chat, I'm going to either mute you or ban you, depending on my mood.


PvP is enabled, but you have to opt-in to it with the /pvp command. If you turn pvp on, do not bitch about being killed. You know the fix, so use it.

Breaking or placing blocks in/on/around another player's structure without explicit permission from that owner of that structure or area is forbidden in any area of the game, even if you're fighting it out.

This is Griefing, and Griefing is not tolerated under any circumstances - even in PVP.


If you have an unlocked chest sitting out in a publicly accessible area it is fair game. This includes a chest sitting outside your home,a mine shaft or inside your public shop. If you are inviting strangers into your residence and using it as a shop, be extra cautious and lock all of your doors, chests and furnaces.

If an area is clearly a player's private home or residence and they are not publicly inviting other players into it, you are not allowed to enter their home and remove items from their chests, furnaces, brewing stands or any other type of container.

General courtesy

Any area that has been noticeably cleared, or marked (torches, fences, etc.) is considered claimed by another individual. Please respect these boundaries and do not build near or through these areas.

If you want to create a town or city in either region that's fine. If you want to build close or in a town or city, please respect the owner and let them know. Usually the owner has a residence set nearby and you can find out who it is by left-clicking on it with a piece of string.

Let's build and have fun.

GiBcraft Adult Minecraft's Owners, Administrative, and Moderation teams reserve the right to piss you off at any time, just because its fun. If something doesn't work right; that sucks, but shut up. If you lose your stuff in lava; that sucks, but shut up. If you get mouthy with member of the staff and end up getting punished; you didn't shut up in time, and you suck. If you die on the trampoline in Atlantis, you get nothing for compensation because lol.
All creations on this server are owned by GiBcraft Adult Minecraft, unless we're not allowed to do that, in which case they're not. All plugins, scripts, images, text, and end-user mods are property of whoever the hell made them, unless I made them.
In addition, Immaridel personally reserves the right to do whatever he wants here, just because he's a bit of a shit. That's something you'll have to come to terms with.

Exclaimer: Immaridel has access to edit my posts but I don't disagree with anything he said except for the fact he didn't say how awesome I am and even though he didn't say it I would totally agree with it if he did.

Exclaimer 2: you totally have to agree I'm awesome if you join.
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Relinked from this thread.

So, we've had to do a couple of rollbacks lately because of some "gone-too-far" hi-jinx and some griefing.

The rule is, "If it's not yours, don't touch it".

Griefing, by the rules, is 100% not allowed and most certainly a bannable offense.

If you don't know if you are on someone's residence, look on the map.
If the map doesn't provide enough detail for what you're trying to do, then use a piece of string and click on the blocks. It will tell you if there is a residence there, and who's it is.

We, however, absolutely do not like to or want to ban anyone. There is a difference between straight up jackassery-style, ban-worthy griefing, and someone taking a joke too far.

Now, usually we can tell the difference. Maybe the "griefer" announces in chat to people online what they are doing and why, and we can tell by their behavior that it was taking a joke too far. You know which situation I'm alluding to here. Not naming names. Point is, do we ban a player for being a twerp one time after having played for much longer with no issues?

Remember, that player could be YOU, and your situation could be a complete accident. Maybe you wandered onto someone's residence when tons of people were chatting and missed the residence announcement message and then broke blocks there. If we kept it all black and white, both perfectly good players, including yourself, would now be banned and we wouldn't be able to play with you anymore. That would make us sad.

When people play for a long time, they build rapport with everyone, including the admins. That doesn't mean that you can get away with murder if you've played long enough, but it means that when you screw up (and you likely will in your time playing), you have a little cushion to work with that can likely prevent a harsh, permanent punishment.

Today we banned someone who had been a member for less than 18 hours for jacking with someone's property. They acted like a jerk in chat, acted like a jerk by their in-game actions, and had no positive rapport with anyone to act as a bit of character witness. They broke the rules and their punishment was set.

If it's not yours, don't touch it. If you touched it and didn't mean to - tell someone and own up to it.

If you did mean to touch something that wasn't yours then you have no room to complain when we shove the ban hammer somewhere unpleasant.
Wonderful rules! I am so glad I found this server! I really like that the rules are enforced, and that people are following them.
I have read the rules and have a question. If I am in a PVP area, such as the Nether or End, can someone kill me and jack my stuff because I am not in a non-PVP area? Just trying to get an idea of how much stuff I need to put away before I travel in these area's. Thank you for your time :)


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While this could happen, it doesn't. The pvp thing seems to have gone by the wayside. There is also a pvp arena where, if people wanted, they could hash it out, or, just battle for the sake of battling. You should be safe (as you can be) in the nether and the end, you need only worry about lava and other mobs mostly.

Also, if I am mistaken, someone please correct me. I have been here since March, and other than on the HC Server, have not seen a single INTENTIONAL pvp kill.

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