You wanna be involved in creating GAH cards?

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SO many of us are witty, yet twisted. We want you!

WE are creating a GiB against Humanity card set. Help us with your crazy posts.

Just a couple that have been entered:

What do you do here?

We don't Skinny dip, we Chunky Dunk

WE need both questions and answers.

Thanks AND go!

The GAH crew.

DET2102 - Dan

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Here is a bunch i found in Discord, or modification of what someone said.
I tried to give credit...

Fruit that looks like Penis’s and Vaginas
Imma stopped smiting, but started _____
I won _________ in Imma’s Lottery
Joy Dies from ______
OMG I found _____ on groupon
Flying Llama Train rides

Last Saturday at 3:40 PM
How about Joko's majestic building styles
Gen's velvet voice
Passive aggressive letters on your pillow
Smothered in Butter, sour cream, and chives
Two hour base tours you didn't sign up for
Gibcraft trampoline
Atlantis' overflowing jail
MrFazuku's basement!!
Wes' G-spot
Admins killing out of love
Evilness of authentication servers going down
the love of a good pair of nipple clamps and a hate sword
I can do this all night long
A server full of __
Not every kiss begins with Kay, some kisses begin with _
Joko's latest build kind of looks like ___ from a far.
Cinna made pixel art of ___ next to spawn.
Imma told me I had to __ to get that shop, It was worth it.
Nyx and her gigantic ___.
The thing I personally love about gibcraft is ___.
Right before Potato jailed XxEpiCcreeperKiLLeRxX he __.
Elwyn must of been high when he __.
My __ didn't end up in a deathchest after that creeper blast.
Gibcraft! The official server of _.
___ just started a massive debate on the GiB forums.
I googled that guest's name and found out he __ on several other servers.
Or I googled that guests name and saw __
I'm building my house right next to ___'s two story penis temple.
Hello my name is (card Czar's name), and I suffer from __
cat mid fight doing a spin move
I can't adult today. I’m going to ___________instead

Last Saturday at 3:41 PM
WE have Joko's Drinking Helmet
We have Joy’s Baby Bloodlust
The thinly veiled sexual innuendos that power the server.
Refugees from DSD.... I mean North Korea
Gen's baby carrot
Matts massive taint
Imma's mighty smiting hand
That makes my cervix hurt- Immaridel 1036pm 12/10/16
gives powerade, a warm blankie, and childcare for the day.
Gulp of______, drink of______

Last Saturday at 3:42 PM
Potato's foil fetish
We are not a dating server
Potato appearing suddenly next to you and scaring you
Potato eating her family
We do adult bills, and taxes and grocery shopping.
I scared a newbie off Gib by telling them ___ is part of the application process.
I traded _ for a pair of steel nipple clamps
All night Discord parties that go badly right
Drunken sexual trampoline parties
Why don't mods have smite?!?
Being analysed by Kitties
Kitties psychiatrist voice.
Cookies and creme poptarts are tasty
What does GIB stand for?
I got smited for ___
I was going to do ___ but then I got smited
I toured Joko's castle, but found ___ in his basement
Come see my brand new build, _
TPS is low, and it's all because of __
The happiest day of my life was when Joko said he liked my ___ build
I told a Gib newbie he needed to carry ___ around and they believed me
__, now 1 for 60 at the bank!
I built a statue of a penis only using blocks of ___
Come visit my new shop in Atlantis called where we sell and ___!

sarah-Last Saturday at 4:08 PM
Card: Pre-owned Butt Plug
The Butt-Plugicorn granting wishes
Inadvisable GiBcraft romances
Initiate chair-throwing protocols.
Cinna's love of tentacle porn.
One white card for each player's username (that plays regularly) !!! (an Immaridel card, a Sewingjoy24 card)...
Black card: got banned from GiB for .
(blank) got banned from GiB for (blank)
delicious orange clouds
A Christmas tree made of dildo’s

Zuse 12-Last Saturday at 4:08 PM
that shower cap turns me on

Nyx-Last Saturday at 4:46 PM
__ #Gibcraftproblems
Joy and her never ending ___
__ & __ #bow chicka wow wow
_ is the new death message
Tato Porn!

Clam-Last Saturday at 5:38 PM
Woah y'all gibbers are busy lol.
Some keeping record of these cards?
I'm sooo happy, wes is now selling _ at galleria!
Great, Sarah is walking around with _ on her head now.
Welcome to Gibcraft! You can have _ as a gift, good luck!
This can sometimes be found in the donation chests at /warp bank...
__ flew in Imma's scotch and he STILL drank it.
Tato Porn!
groupon for a hooker!
i got so stoned i couldn’t understand _________
lol that moment when tater 'gets it'

Last Saturday at 8:51 PM
____ makes me exhale through my ass. In your general direction
Crushing a watermelon between my legs
I got a freaking awesome video of two _________playing ____________

cullor-Yesterday at 4:24 PM
What in the holy fuck of all things is that?

GenTurgidson-Today at 7:21 AM
______ was so mad They were swinging a mop strainer

DET2102 - Dan

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More from Discourd
You may need to edit out some of these.

Tiny Wet Ninjas in my purse

Joy –
Infestation of tiny Ninjas

_______:When worn by a woman, indicates her willingness(even though she may not desire) to engage in anal sex
Searching for Gangsters wearing _______________
Tongue punch in the fart box
The Wrath of the starfish stretcher 5000
Putting butt stuff in your school paper

Dudes uncomfortably modeling ________ on Amazon.
Sarah is so White. How White is she?, Whe is so white that ______________
fetish for coils and coil-like objects
A run-in with an angry goose that traumatize small children
Fetishes for springs and spring-like objects
"How do you know if someone vapes?"
Sarah showing off her penis ;)

Festive potato:

Sexual Potato's
Gen’s giant carrot dildo.
glitter everywhere
Including where it shouldn't be
Stuffing up the ass? Wow, and it's not even Christmas

Kitties ducks are ___________
Potato Born, now we’re talking baby.
Unziping your pants in the coil aisle at the hardware store.
Using Motor oil as lube
Kitties used strap on dragon dildo
I load a ___________ and smoke all day
I was almost sure “tentacle porn” would get her
Butt stuffs for @Cinnamas and @Clam
Double sided dildo? Happy international women’s day.
Paying them fuckers back, by slaughtering chickens just for clam, and make you your own wings so Clam can go around shitting on birds.
Human poo falling out of the sky.
Eating the same shit as birds, so you can walk in any restaurant with those wings on.

If you are high, you better be ____________
If I had a dick, I’d put it in ___________