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For anyone wondering, my profile picture is a CGA remix of me. I like the retro look and the throwback to old school MS-DOS games.
Imma, come back to us Dammit! We need your brand of dry snarky humor, not that imported Canadian stuff from Spiffy!!
When are YOU coming back? Brand new atlantis and 1.13 server!
On my way back in about a month me and the ole lady rosebud got back to oklahoma and were doin fine see yall in a month
Sighh, sitting here wishing the server wasn't down... :( Wahhhhhhhh
Hi Imma
Just wanted to say what a great job you and your minions do to keeping these various worlds running so smooth, can i apologise for not always replying
in chat this is because i am dyslexic and not a very good typist so slow but getting better slowly, one question how do you make money on the new world ?
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