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Chestshop gives players the ability to set up their own shops using signs and chests. You are allowed to set up a shop anywhere on the map within the specified rules. There are no restrictions on what may be bought or sold.


Essentials gives us a lot of power to restrict and add specific components to the game such as /home and /tpa. While there are a lot of other things going on behind the scenes, this tutorial is focused primarily on the options that are available to the player base.


Lockette is a simple and powerful way to make chests and doors private or shared with other specific individuals.


Residence allows players to protect their own homes or other areas/structures without admin intervention. It also gives you teleport options and granular controls over what is happening in your claimed space.

Custom Arrow Crafting

Custom arrows made for the server's enjoyment by Immaridel.

Camera Commands

Gib command (fly and godmode)

A custom command that lets you fly through the game and enables use of special commands needed by PixelCam and other plugins.