Camera Commands

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To accommodate people who would like to take videos/pictures on the server, I have created a set of commands that will allow you some extra freedom of movement. This will specifically allow mods like PixelCam to work correctly and let you set up some cool shots.




Just like [Guest] accounts, you will be unable to build/break/attack/use or hold items, but enemies will not care you're around. With /fly you won't suffer falling damage, but you can still drown.

Any items you attempt to "hold" will be returned to your inventory after they are removed from your action bar.

I didn't not want to give gamemode 3 to anyone, as it's a little cheaty, as BigAl correctly put it, and this mode is not intended for people to use as a way to snoop around or get an unfair advantage over other players.


Member - $5000
Donator - $2500
Donator+ - $1000

Command Usage

/camon Enables Camera mode, charging the user a set fee based on their current member level on the server
/camoff Disables Camera mode, disables /fly, and returns you to you to spawn*.

If you have questions or need to report bugs, please let me know.