Custom Arrow Crafting

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Arrow Crafting will allow you to take an arrow (or a stack!), and combine them with items found in the game to create new and more powerful arrows to use against your enemies, and help you in your building activities.

Getting Started

You will need to follow some steps before you're loosing arrows at baddies. Lets take a look at what is required.

Arrow Crafting Station

  1. Place a Trapped Chest on the ground
  2. While holding a Nether Star, hold SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK on the trapped chest
  3. Once this has been done, you should see a message at the bottom of the screen confirming the creation of your new Arrow Crafting Station! You will lose your Nether Star in the process.
  4. You may want to place a sign above the chest to remind you what it is, as the chest will still maintain the look of a vanilla Trapped Chest.

Things to know!

These crafted arrows exist outside of traditional arrows and will not respect the infinity enchantment on your bow.

You cannot use another player's arrow crafting station to craft arrows. Your custom arrows can only be created by you in your own arrow crafting station.

Arrow Recipes

To craft arrows, place the required items into the chest, and then close the chest and reopen it. The crafted arrows will be added to your arrow inventory and you may remove the physical arrows that you placed into the chest when the crafting is complete.

Using the Arrow Inventory will be explained at the end of this guide.

Here are the recipes for the arrows that are currently craftable and their effects.

Poison Arrow

Effect Increase arrow damage by 1 and poison the victim for 10 seconds
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 rotten flesh

Ender Arrow

Effect Teleports player to the location where the arrow landed.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Ender Pearls

Drop Arrow

Effect Knocks the victim high into the air, resulting in fall damage.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Feathers

Scorpion Arrow

Effect Pulls the victim to the block in front of you.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 String

Freeze Arrow

Effect Freeze the target in place by turning the air within 7 blocks of the target into Ice Blocks, causing suffocation for 10 seconds.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Ice Blocks

Ambush Arrow

Effect Teleports you to the block behind your victim.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 1 Eye of Ender

Firewall Arrow

Effect Creates a wall of fire at the feet of your victim in a 7 block radius.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Gunpowder

Death Arrow

Effect Increase arrow damage by 5 with a 35% chance to immediately kill the victim
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Diamonds

Bone Arrow

Effect Increase arrow damage by 2.
Recipe 1 Arrow + 3 Bones

Using Crafted Arrows

Now that you've crafted a few arrows to play with, you can cycle through and select them by doing the following:

With a bow in your hand, hold SHIFT and Left-Click with the mouse.

Each Left-Click will select a different type of arrow, as well as tell you how many you have left. The last arrow type that showed up on the screen is the one you are currently using. Some arrows will deplete only when a target is struck (so missing a shot won't lose you an arrow) and some will deplete upon firing.