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Limit Command and Output Definitions

If you would like to know what the cost per block, max size, max residences, or any other information about residence is, use the following command

/res limits

Would you like to know more?

Field Description
Permissions Group Display the group you belong to. This set the available option you will have within residence.
Residence Admin If this is true, you can ignore permission limits. More on this in the Expert section.
Can Create Residences True/False indicator as to whether or not you may create a residence.
Max Residences Maximum number of residence you may have at any one time.
Max East/West Size Maximum "X" block size you may create a residence at.
Max North/South Size Maximum "Y" block size you may create a residence at.
Max Up/Down Size Maximum "Z" block size you may create a residence at.
Min/Max Protection Height Maximum and minimum height at which residence may be created. There is no limit on GiBcraft.
Max Subzone Depth Maximum layers of subzones you may create within each subzone.
Can Set Enter/Leave Messages Display whether or not you are allowed to set custom Enter/Leave messages for your residence.
Number of Residences you own This is the maximum number of residences you are allowed to make.
Residence Cost Per Block cost per block to create a residence.
Flag Permissions Displays the flag permissions aren't allowed to use. If "none" then you are not limited.

Creating a Residence

Here you will learn how to select, determine cost, create, and expand a residence.

Define Residence

To define a residence, you will select the opposite-most corners of a cuboid of space, [like so].

Using a Stick, left click one corner, and right click the opposite. It doesn't matter which you left click and which you right click as long as both actions end up being done.

Determine Residence Cost

Once your residence area is defined, you will likely want to know how much it will cost to create it. To do this, run the following command.

/res select cost

Output will look similar to this:

Selection total size: 1430
Land cost: 29
XSize: 11
YSize: 10
ZSize: 13

Create Residence

Command Example
/res create <resName> /res create test

Running this command will result in output similar to this:

Charged 29 to your Vault account.
Residence Area created, ID main
You have created residence test!

Expand Residence Size

To expand a residence you must select the current residence's physical area, tell it how to expand, and then commit the changes by replacing the old area dimensions with the new ones.
Note: Expanding a residence WILL cost you additional money. The same per-block cost applies.

1. Select the residence's physical area:

Command Example
/res select residence <resName> <areaName> /res select residence test main

"main" is a residence's default areaName, unless you have changed it.

2. Expand the residence.

You can either expand the residence from bedrock to sky, which is really expensive, or just expand it a certain amount of blocks in the direction you're looking.

Command Example
/res select expand ## /res select expand 50

Additionally, you may elect to expand the residence from bedrock to sky

Command Description
/res select vert Expands the selected area from bedrock to sky. WARNING: Damn pricey.

3. Commit changes to residence

Now you can replace the old residence's dimensions with the new one's you've selected:

Command Description
/res select vert /res area replace test main

Section Command Reference

Command Description
/res create <resName> Create a residence using the currently selected blocks
/res select cost Display the cost of the current selected blocks
/res select residence <resName> <areaName> Select main physical area of the residence
/res select expand ## Expand the residence in the direction you are looking
/res select vert Expand the selected area from bedrock to sky. THIS SHIT IS EXPENSIVE.
/res area replace <resName> <areaName> Complete the expansion of the residence

Residence Teleports

A great benefit of having residences (and friends with them!) is the ability to quickly teleport around.

Teleporting to a Residence

To teleport to a residence we will use the tp flag.

Command Example
/res tp <resName> /res tp test

Residence Teleport Location

By default the /res tp command takes you "near" the specified residence. This could be in a lake nearby, under the house, or, if you're in the nether, on TOP of the bedrock on the top of the nether.
This can lead to frustrating and inconvenient experiences.

To prevent this, we need to do a tpset inside the residence while standing on the spot you want people to teleport into.

Command Description
/res tpset OR /res tpset <residenceName> Set teleport location for the residence you're standing in to current location
/res tpset <residenceName.subZone> Set teleport location for a subzone in a residence to current location

Note: It is worth noting that residence will behave somewhat abnormally if the player is in confined locations when /tpset is run. If you are standing on a half-slab and there isn't much room above you, you may end up teleporting "near" that location again. It's best to be standing on a flat block.

Stuck in the Ground!

Sometimes after teleporting to a residence, you may find yourself stuck in a floor, refrigerator, or, awkwardly, someone's bed.

We can fix that, too!

/res unstuck

Please note that this will only work if you're currently IN a residence. Won't help if you end up on top of The Nether.

Residence Info

Command Example
/res list Check and see which residences you own
/res list # List residences by page number (if you have more than one page of listings
/res info Check permissions/details of the residence you are currently in
/res info <resName> Check permissions/details of the specified residence

Note: You may also whack the ground within a residence with a bit of string like a damn barbarian.

Permission Flags

One of the biggest advantages to having a residence is the ability to set granular permissions for the area itself, and for individual players. How is this done?

Set permissions for the entire residence

Flags set for the residence are in effect for every player that enters into it, including the owner. These residence-wide flags can be overridden using player-set flags, which we will get into later.

Please Note: Residence names are always case sensitive.

Command Example
/res set <resName> <flag> <true/false> /res set test tp false

This will prevent all players (including the owner/creator) from using "/res tp" to teleport to the residence.

Set permissions for individual players

So, if you followed the exmaple above, then you've disabled the ability for anyone to tp to your residence. So, how do you enable teleporting there for yourself?
We use the pset condition!

Command Example
/res pset <resName> <playerName> <flag> <true/false> /res pset test immaridel tp true

Now Immaridel can tp to that residence, but nobody else can!

Residence Flags

For flag values, usually true allows the action, and false denys the action.

Flag Description
build allows or denys building
use allows or denys use of doors, lever, buttons, etc...
move allows or denys movement in the residence.
container allows or denys use of furnaces, chests, dispensers, etc...
trusted Gives build, use, move, container and tp flags
place allows or denys only placement of blocks, overrides the build flag.
destroy allows or denys only destruction of blocks, overrides the build flag.
pvp allow or deny pvp in the residence
tp allow or disallow teleporting to the residence.
admin gives a player permission to change flags on a residence.
subzone allow a player to make subzones in the residence.
monsters allows or denys monster spawns
animals allows or denys animal spawns.
healing setting to true makes the residence heal its occupants
tnt allow or deny tnt explosions
creeper allow or deny creeper explosions
ignite allows or denys fire ignition.
firespread allows or denys fire spread.
bucket allow or deny bucket use.
flow allows or denys liquid flow.
lavaflow allows or denys lava flow, overrides flow
waterflow allows or denys water flow, overrides flow
damage allows or denys all entity damage within the residence.
piston allow or deny pistons from pushing or pulling blocks in the residence.
hidden hides residence from list or listall commands.
cake allows or denys players to eat cake
lever allows or denys players to use levers
button allows or denys players to use buttons
diode allows or denys players to use redstone repeaters
door allows or denys players to use doors and trapdoors
table allows or denys players to use workbenches
enchant allows or denys players to use enchanting tables
brew allows or denys players to use brewing stands
bed allows or denys players to use beds
pressure allows or denys players to use pressure plates
note allows or denys players to use note blocks
redstone Gives lever, diode, button, pressure, note flags
craft Gives table, enchant, brew flags
burn allows or denys Mob combustion in residences

Copying Residence Permissions

Once you have a residence set with the permissions you like, it can be a pain to have to type all of those flags, messages, and material blacklists you have set into a new residence.
Fortunately the plugin author gave us the mirror command to prevent any residence-stress-induced homicides from occuring.

Command Example
/res mirror <sourceResName> <destinationResName> /res mirrior test test2

Now I can go back to drinking Scotch while I watch this wheat grow.


Subzones are used for creating a small area within an existing residence that may have a different permission, members, and even it's own TP location.

The corners of the desired cube of space within the residence must be selected with a stick just like the original residence was, [like this]

Create Subzone

Command Example
/res subzone <resName> <subzoneName> /res subzone test icles

You now have a subzone!

Subzones and Flags

To apply permissions to the new subzone, you will use the same syntax as previous set and pset commands, but now you will reference the residence a little differently.

Command Example
/res subzone <resName.subzoneName> <flag> <true/false> /res subzone test.icles tp true

Now, to actually teleport to that subzone:

/res tp test.icles

Residence Market

Since you know how to work with subzones now, you can give your friends or even strangers room in your place without having to worry about them having access to your main residence area. Why stop there, though? Maybe you'd like to go into the real estate business and start selling apartments, houses, or swaths of land for people to dwell in?

I'd like to introduce you to the Market system.

Using the syntax I'll give below, you can sell, buy, show info for, and stop selling a residence, or subzone of a residence!

Flag Description Syntax
info Get economy info on residence /res market info <resName>
list Lists rentable and for sale residences. /res market list
sell Sell a residence /res market sell <resName // resName.subzoneName> <amount>
buy Buy a residence /res market buy <resName // resName.subzoneName>
unsell Stops selling a residence /res market unsell <resName // resName.subzoneName>

Additional Functionality

There are quite a few commands not listed in this guide, not all will be listed here. Nevertheless, this section will cover a few sets of commands not handled before. A side note: Some of these commands can, under certain conditions, be used without the residence name to apply to the zone you are currently located in. Others, however, cannot. Because of this, only the full versions are provided here.

Physical Areas and Subzones

Command Description
/res area list <resName> Short list of the main areas of a residence. There is usually only 1.
/res area listall <resName> A more detailed list of the main areas of a residence. This list includes corner doordinates and total block size of the area.
/res sublist <resName> List of all subzones in a main residence area.

All of these commands can be run against subzones of a residence, such as test.icles above.

Rename or Delete

You may rename or delete any or all parts of a residence.

Command Description
/res rename <resName> <newResName> Renames an existing residence.
/res renamearea <resName> <areaName> <newAreaName> Rename the physical area of a residence. Default name is "main". There is no real point to this, aside from customization.
/res area remove <resName> <areaName> Removes area from the residence.
/res remove <resName> Delete the residence.
/res remove <resName.subzoneName> Delete the specified subzone.

There is NO refund when you delete a residence.

Enter and Leave Messages

These are the messages you see when entering and exiting a residence area.

Command Description
/res message <resName> <enter/leave> <message text> Sets the designated message type and text for the specified residence.
/res message <enter/leave> <message text> Sets the message text for the residence or subzone you are currently in.
/res message <resName> remove <enter/leave> Removes the enter/leave text for the specified residence.
/res message remove [enter/leave] Removes the message text for the residence or subzone you are currently in.

%player, %residence, and %owner may be used in the message for additional customization.

Give Residence to Another Player

Command Description
/res give [residence] [player] Transfers ownership of the residence to the player. Player must be online.


You may prevent and/or allow certain blocks from being used in a residence by adding them to a blacklist or ignorelist.
Note: I have no messed with this functionality at all, so someone may want to correct it later.

Command Description
/res lset <ResidenceName> <blacklist/ignorelist> <material> Adds or Removes a material from the residence's blacklist or ignorelist.
/res lset <ResidenceName> info List the residence's blacklist and ignorelist.

Admin Reference

Here's a handy command list for the admins to reference later.

Command Description
/resadmin setowner <resName> <playerName> Transfer ownership of a residence to a new player. Player does not need to be online or have ever logged in
/resadmin removeall <playerName> Delete all the residences belonging to a specified player. There is no undo. Don't screw up.

Additional Resources

Rangerdan's Reference

[RangerDan's Residence Command Reference]
Note: The flag list in this document is out of date. Please refer to the flag list in the wiki document above.

Blacklist/Ignorelist Help (DET2102's Guide)

Blacklist Information

Assuming build, place and destroy flags are all set to false ignorelist will allow players to remove blocks, but will not let them place them.

blacklist will prevent the block from being placed or removed blacklist will prevent the residence owner from placing or removing item as well

Adding Blacklists

Command Description
/res lset <ResidenceName> <blacklist/ignorelist> <material> Adds or Removes a material from the residence's blacklist or ignorelist.
/res lset <ResidenceName> info List the residence's blacklist and ignorelist.

Note: Material does not use Item ID’s but mincecraft Names

Example Command Result
/res lset resName blacklist dirt Log2 is Log_2

Note: Log includes Oak Birch and Spruse
Note: Log_2 includes DarkOak, Jungle, Acacia
Note: Plank is all planks, exedra

Removing Blacklists

Do same command to remove item from blacklist/ignorelist.

Example Removal Result
/res lset resName blacklist dirt ‘dirt removed from the residence blacklist’

The item list for this plugin seems old, could not get stonebricks, stained_hardended_clay, or lit_pumpkins to work.