GiBcraft Directory of Places

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This list is intended to be a helpful resource for you, the user. It is not a comprehensive list. Please remember that /res locations are case sensitive, while /warp locations are not.



/res tp mshop
This shop can be found at Trade and is a general variety store.
/res tp market
This shop can be found at Spawn and is a general variety store.
/res tp Boardwalk
This is a group of stalls, each maintained by a different member. Each stall is a department with rotating stock. It also serves as a directory to other stores.
/res tp Treeshop
This shop is at Spawn and is built into a tree. Very cool to see. Variety of goods available.
/res tp FoodMarket
This shop is at Trade and specializes in a large variety of foods.
/res tp TerrapinStation
This started off as a train station, and you can still get some great views of the server this way, but there is also a very nice trading post with generous villagers.
/res tp tashashop
A variety of goods with reasonable prices.


/warp bank
Mob drops cluttering up your inventory? Sell them here at the bank. Sweet!
/warp Minevada
Very fun spot... grab your friends and come play some games!
/res tp Winterhold
Beautiful fortress built into the side of a mountain with village and farm.
/res tp deep
Deep sea fishing location
/res tp BoardwalkFish
Fishing hut near boardwalk. You can cook your fish while you keep on fishing!
/res tp DaisysSheep
Shear your own sheep in a pastoral setting. Set just off of main horse-friendly road.
/res tp WoolStop
Shear your own sheep with panoramic views of Spawn
/warp xmasvillage
Beauty and whimsy describe this setting honoring the winter holidays. You have to be happy here!
/res tp od
For the highest public views of spawn, visit this observation deck.
/res tp Smelter
Public automatic smelter, for when your quick cooking needs.


Some restrictions may apply when building here, when in doubt, don't... ask questions FIRST!

/warp Trade
Relatively new settlement, just choose your favorite spot and build. Try to include things like parks, roads, paths, etc.
/warp Riverwalk
Brand new, planned community. See Imma's list of requirements here:
/res tp TheIsland
Medieval and Asian themed island. As long as you stick to that theme, you are free to build on the east side of the island (use F3 to determine direction)
/res tp Fendiville
Absolutely gorgeous. Residents choose from elevated platforms; lovely views, pretty surroundings, farms for use, well worth the cost of a space!


/warp endgrinder
Need xp quick? Bonus: more enderpearls than you will ever know what to do with!
/res tp trispider
Triple spider spawner. For all your string and spider eye needs.
/res tp zs
Zombie and Skelly grinder. Excellent for collecting mob drops. Conveniently, drops can be sold on site as well!
/res tp IslandGrinder
Zombie and Skelly grinder. On site storage available in case your inventory fills up!
/res tp iron
This is an iron farm.
/res tp qBlaze
This blaze farm is styled to look like a sauna. Hot stuff.