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Takes you to GiB's spawn point. It is surrounded by player shops (left click = sell/right click = buy!) and also has the bank.

/warp bank

Allows players to sell mob drops, iron and gold blocks. It also has donation chests on the floor level with gear to help new players get started (armor, food, weapons, etc).

/warp end

Gib's end grinder. You don't need weapons or tools to kill the Endermen, just punch them once with your fist and they die for easy experience points. It also has a public enchanting table and anvils (please replace those if you break them, or put one in the appropriate chest now and then!).

/res tp nethergrinder

Pretty similar to the end grinder - one punch and things die. You can get gold nuggets, bones, coal, wither heads, and other nether drops here. It's recommended you use a Looting (III) sword for the best results/most drops.

/warp wither

If you have gathered wither skulls and want to turn them into a nether star for a beacon, go here. Please read the signs carefully, and if you are unsure on how it works, ask someone else to help you. Withers are a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing!

/res tp treefarm

If you are looking for a particular kind of wood, treefarm is the place to go. All that is asked is that you replant trees you chop down (saplings and axes are provided for a nominal fee).

/warp postoffice

Holiday area and post office for gift giving.

/warp trampoline

Grab a drink at the bar and BOUNCE!

/warp Laketown

Player-managed Town by the Shore.

/warp Atlantis

Warp to the center of our lovely capital city!

/res tp midas.exp

Experience grinder that makes gold for Sakura.

She said she'd hit me if I didn't add this on here.